Birds have their nests in the trees, we cut trees to obtain paper and Diana Beltran Herrera uses paper to create her birds. She was born in Colombia, where she attended Jorge Tadeo Lozano University, then moved to Helsinki to study Ceramic Sculpture and she’s currently living in Bristol, UK. One day she realised that she wanted to use the understanding of nature in her work instead of pursuing a design practice as a life career.
She started recreating birds with paper in 2012 and she’s been doing that ever since. She bases her works in photographs of real birds, then she draws them on Illustrator to obtain the dimensions and other details. Finally, she creates all the feathers one by one and attaches them to an also paper-made structure.
The results are amazing, and sometimes you can’t even realise that you’re not in front of an actual bird. This fact drove her to collaborate and do exhibitions with some important institutions like The Cornell Fine Arts Museum (Florida, USA) or CODA Museum (Apeldoorn, Netherlands) – where you can see her latest project, Bird Stamps, in which she turns stamps with birds into her 3D sculptures.