Her signature Wetness collection was born out of her time at Central Saint Martins. This season, Di Petsa once again turned the runway into a transformative experience, guiding us through the intricacies of love, self-acceptance, and healing. The latest Spring/Summer 24 collection by Di Petsa takes us on a profound journey of love, exploring the realms of physical affection and the pursuit of inner self-love and divine beauty. The BFC New Gen designer solidified her fanbase through her sensual wet-look dresses and genius draping, which transform wearers into Greek goddesses. Drawing inspiration from the mythology of Aphrodite, the Goddess of Love, and the archetype of the erotic woman, the collection encapsulates various phases of self-discovery and the healing of a fragmented Venus.
The runway spectacle commences with an allegorical performance, unfolding the captivating tale of the birth of Venus. Enveloped within the runway space, a naked Venus lies cocooned on organic stepping stone plinths, designed by the talented Ellie Koslowsky. As she awakens, her body gracefully moves in hypnotic motions, guided by the sensual beats permeating the air. Eventually, she rises, making her way onto the main runway, where a choir of women led by Dimitra, the Greek designer herself, lovingly embrace and dress Venus in a resplendent golden metallic wetlook dress adorned with rose quartz healing crystals across the chest. The act of dressing mimics rebirth, as Venus emerges from the group of women who then turn their backs, commencing the procession down the runway.
Throughout the collection, we witness different reflections of Venus, symbolising various stages of her journey towards self-love and the longing for unconditional affection. The garments feature fragmented drapery, skillfully tied together with strings that delicately wrap around the body. The show opens with a striking long knitted dress, woven from discarded cotton and interlaced with golden threads, reminiscent of sea moss. The theme of concealed and revealed bare skin is prevalent, with dresses and trousers showcasing crisscross cutouts at the hips and thighs, accentuating the form.
A delightful addition to the collection is the reimagined silk spring awakening dress, now presented in a mini dress silhouette, featuring tendrils of blooming flowers that sway gracefully as the dress moves. Another standout piece includes a barely-there nude halter neck mesh wetlook dress, intricately embroidered with raw pearl fragments, an exquisite portrayal of Venus adorned in her nakedness. Collaborating with Swarovski, Di Petsa presents a dazzling finale: a long white wetlook bridal dress embellished from head to toe with shimmering crystals, evoking the image of glistening droplets of water on the skin.
Introducing new prints, the collection showcases a collage of earthly textures, featuring sea foam and crystal motifs, reminiscent of Venus emerging from the depths of a frothy ocean. Swimwear styles make their debut, with bikini sets in nude, maroon shiny metallic, and black, complemented by hand-carved gold hoop metal hardware accents that twist and tie the bikini strings around the body. In bathing suits, the cracks of a broken heart become visible through golden mesh, while an illusion print appears repeatedly throughout the collection, adorning lycra long dresses in white and black.
Headpieces and accessories incorporate raw healing crystals, glass beads, and golden bells, adding a touch of ethereal charm and emitting ecstatic sounds that resonate with the clothes themselves. Further celebrating ancient Greek influences, the designer meticulously sculpts a clay Wine Jug in the form of a pregnant belly, paying homage to the classical Greek vessels of antiquity. 
The music by Violet Wilson sets the perfect mood for the collection, featuring sensual beats and poetic reflections on love and the birth of Venus, written and narrated by Dimitra herself while the makeup for this season’s show embraces a dewy, glowing look, with sun-kissed shimmer and highlights, while the hair styling exudes mermaid-like textures and waves, creating voluminous and ethereal silhouettes that perfectly complement the sensual aesthetic of the collection.
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