“To encounter yourself at rock bottom and understand that it can only lead to improvement. When you grasp the fact that you are born alone and will pass away alone, and no one can inflict more pain on you than you can on yourself. Once you’ve faced your darkest moments, not even the devil can frighten you, because you comprehend that what can truly harm you the most in the world are your own thoughts and actions. Nothing is scarier and more perilous than that.” This is how Delara explains the meaning behind Didn’t you know, her latest release.
The Norwegian singer is back with a new single. Tapping into a journey of deep introspection, Delara comes to realise that we are alone in this world both when we’re born and when we pass away. For cinema fans like me, this is a recurring concept that is found across a range of films, but more especially, in cult movie Donnie Darko (remember that old lady scaring Jake Gyllenhaal with the quote: “Every living creature on this earth dies alone”). And it’s true: we do die alone. However, death is not as important; what matters in the end is the fears we’ve faced and overcome in life, and how these experiences help us grow and improve.
Despite the heaviness of the subject, Delara releases this soulful pop single that is currently synched to Norway’s biggest crime-thriller series Gangs of Oslo. With over 800,000 monthly listeners on Spotify, the singer’s new song follows Unbound, her previous single, which has a more dreamy, ethereal vibe. But with Didn’t you know, Delara takes the hard road and gives her fans harder bars and rhythms.