After launching Answer me, D.Blavatsky releases Fuk, a visceral plunge into the depths of isolation and yearning, delivered through a brutally raw and frenetically manic music video. Navigating between the paranoid perspectives of the seeker and the sought, the single embodies a cursed allure; something we shouldn’t witness, yet we cannot avert our gaze.
Ensnared within a realm of shadowed night, where corruption, capitalism’s relentless might slowly siphon our essence, grip us tight, our inner sanctum becomes our sole respite. Faced with this, the song tell us: “In the absence of choice we long to escape, to love is to hate, to live through today, this can’t be it will against will, when all os this ends the rest will begin.” Leaving us in a kind os existencial void in which we only repeat to our ourselves, what awaits us? What will become of us?
This debut serves as an unrestrained preview of their forthcoming album, Your Choice, along with the one launched a few months ago, Answer Me, set to release on Non/Being in November. Each new song is a fragment spun, a chapter in the tale just begun where fragmented images jolt and overwhelm us in a sensory onslaught. Adrenaline, swift cuts, distortions, and its relentless intensity mirror the sonic landscape of the artist’s soundscape. Navigating through the trauma and impact of self-saturation. Prepare to be challenged, perturbed, and utterly enthralled by the electrifying realm of them.
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