Sardinian singer-songwriter Daniela Pes invites you on a transcendent journey in a newly released video of her captivating live performance at OGR Torino. Seamlessly blending interview segments with footage from the mesmerising concert, this 30-minute film provides an intimate window into the songs and inspiration behind Pes's acclaimed debut album, Spira.
The video opens with a voice-over and a shot of the concert hall, setting an otherworldly tone. As the first notes ring out, we're transported by the hypnotic sounds as Pes's haunting vocals guide the audience through a sonic landscape where ancient roots meet modern innovation. Throughout the concert, Pes and her skilled collaborators conjure an immersive soundscape merging archaic Gallurese dialect, inventive phonemes, and hypnotic instrumentation. Songs like Ora, Ca Mira, and Carme entrance the audience, with Pes's expressive vocals echoing hauntingly amidst swells of electronic textures and organic percussion. The performers' palpable synergy transports listeners; the room's pin-drop silence is a testament to the music's allure.
One of the most powerful moments of the performance is Illa Sera, where Pes's vocal range and emotive delivery shine. The song's structure, combined with improvisational elements, showcases her mastery of both composition and live performance. The concert reaches its emotional zenith with Carme, where natural sounds and the ambiance of Sardinia are seamlessly integrated into the music. This all-encompassing soundscape transports listeners to an alien ancient place within modernity, a world crafted by Pes's imagination and artistry.
Interwoven with the spellbinding concert footage, Pes recounts the highly personal creative process behind the album, which drew from her Sardinian roots and instinctual exploration of sound and language. "Three years ago, I was here, on this stage, where for the first time I got to play the songs from Spira," Pes reflects in a voiceover. "The album still wasn't finished; the excitement was incredible." Her musing on the creative process emphasises sound and intuition over literal meaning, granting each composition the freedom to resonate uniquely with individual listeners.
With its captivating blend of music and commentary, this artful concert film reaffirms why 'Spira' was hailed as one of 2023's most auspicious debuts. Pes has generously shared a profound glimpse into her creative world while capturing the elemental intensity of her live performance. To call it a contemporary ritual feels fitting. By making this extraordinary evening accessible to all, OGR Torino extends an invitation that's hard to resist. Immerse yourself and be transformed. Don't miss this extraordinary performance—available now here.
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