The last time we travelled to Georgia to attend Culture Week Tbilisi, an event where dance met music, theatre, and local cuisine, we were fascinated by it. It was in November 2022, and we shared our experience in this article, highlighting the great heritage of this country that has proven to overcome all types of adversities through art and union. We are now happy to announce that Culture Week Tbilisi is set to make its highly anticipated return for its second edition from May 9 to 12.
In just twenty days, we will head to the capital of Georgia to experience the new proposal organised by this distinctive platform committed to nurturing interdisciplinary discourse, fostering cultural admiration, and promoting collaboration amongst individuals from various backgrounds and fields of expertise. Favouring synergies between different creative manifestations and being a meeting point for minds that think outside the box, this event offers a perfect opportunity for creatives to establish new connections, promote their work, and claim the identity of their artistic projects.
Its first edition, which, as said before, we happened to attend, was a complete success. We had the chance to experience a unique, unprecedented five-day experience in which we immersed ourselves in the legacy of Georgia and Ukraine, a country they have a very strong historical link with and with which they joined forces in their previous call, showing themselves to be more united than ever in such a turbulent and complicated time.
From May 9 to 12, we will continue digging into this rich tapestry of the local and international art scene through the platform directed by Sofia Tchkonia, which seeks to foster cultural exchange and collaboration among artists, performers, and innovators from around the world. The very complete programme of activities will offer an immersive experience to all attendees through a wide range of exhibitions, performances, interactive experiences, and more.
This new edition of Culture Week Tbilisi brings an important novelty, the inclusion of Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Tbilisi. Its great fashion event, which in the last decade has positioned itself on the international map, getting plenty of press coverage and helping many creatives promote their projects and expand them beyond borders, is added on this occasion to this four-day celebration of global culture, recognising the significance of fashion as a cultural expression. 
Culture Week Tbilisi 2024 will be held at Factory Tbilisi, the former Coca-Cola factory undergoing a transformation into an innovative art and culture centre. There we’ll be able to enjoy the extensive programme of activities in which there will be no shortage of documentary film screenings, including Mary, Marianna, Maria – The Unsung Greek Years of Callas, and films by renowned director Reiner Holzemer. Theatre lovers will be able to attend the performance by Theatre Factory 42, as well as a curated exhibition by Diane Pernet, sculptures by Amine Amharech, Ukrainian artist Roman Mykhailov, a Georgian scenography exhibition, a special project of the scenography students by George Alexi-Meskhishvili, and much more.
If you want to stay up-to-date with all their news and not miss any details, you can follow Culture Week Tbilisi on Instagram. We, on our part, will be sharing our impressions of the edition very soon.