Jack, Sara and Bill Elz are the three creative minds behind the Swedish band Crying Day Care Choir. The musical project started out some 10 years ago in their hometown, Malmö, and achieved resounding success with their second album Wilting Rooting, Blooming (2018), with more than twenty million streams. Now the alt-folk trio are releasing an internationally groundbreaking EP with cover art by British artist Damien Hirst and the art itself as a source of inspiration, Give Me Something Vol.1. This is their first release after having recently formed their own label ELZ Productions, and it's the first of three new collections released in the coming months.
“We have a new EP. It's created through hard work and a new method. It's experimental, strange and beautiful. Just like we wanted it to be. It's emotional. It's from our hearts. It's distorted guitars, drum machines, and synth bass. It's a bit rough sometimes. It makes us proud of ourselves. It makes us wanna keep creating,” CDCC on their social media some days ago. This new release, Give Me Something Vol.1, acts as a continuation of Damien Hirst's project The Currency, creating a synergy between music and art, which is also the pillar on which this latest project is built.

Make A New Fucking WorldI'm Looking At YouDon't Waste Your Time and The Dreams Of Alice are the four songs that we find on this new EP, whose idea is to take the titles from the burnt artworks and put them together as lyrics, thus giving them new life in a new art form. Having performed at world-renowned festivals such as Sziget Festival or Malmöfestivalen this summer, now CDCC allows us to delve a little deeper into their personal artistic universe. “Now it's yours to indulge and judge and love or hate and that feels strange but nice in a way.”
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