The Y2K effect, the comeback of the early 2000s aesthetics or the unusual convergence between future and past in the form of contrast were some of the phenomena that the international content platform Depositphotos predicted for 2022 in its Creative Trends forecast one year ago. These last 12 months have shown that they were not wrong and everything that they anticipated has come true. Now the platform, which has a library of over 250 million stock photos, videos, vectors, and audio tracks, has just released its annual creative trends forecast, Creative Trends 2023: Ready to Escape?
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We are living in a historic moment in which the speed of change, the rise of micro-trends –which some people say will end up exploding as they cannot coexist with so many phenomena at the same time – and the importance of social media when it comes to going viral or impact of technology have configured an unprecedented ecosystem with particular characteristics. As important as understanding the reality in which we're living is trying to anticipate what is to come, being able to adapt ourselves to changes and knowing how to make communication an effective tool in each context.
This is what Depositphotos is pursuing with the annual release of its Creative Trends forecast. Together with experts from all around the world, they examine themes, styles and ideas that will influence creative communication. The aim of the project is to give brands and content creators more understanding of the reality that awaits them and how to adapt to these changing contexts.
Anime thrill, back to the wild, a wonderful age, an ethereal world, an eye on sustainability, wellness upgrade and a blast of joy are the seven items mentioned in their report, which you can read in full here. Seven characteristics that require a detailed explanation accompanied by concrete examples to fully understand the impact they will have in the coming months. And that is precisely what Depositphotos offers us, after having built a forecast of creative trends that is a benchmark worldwide with a maximum success rate in their predictions. We cannot forget that in the process of developing it, they collaborate with industry professionals to provide even more insights.
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If we dive into the first characteristic that points to the rise of anime, we should not overlook the Y2K nostalgia trend and rapid streaming service growth that they already alluded to in their report last year. And if we talk about concrete examples, we must mention world-known brands such as adidas or Acura, which have started integrating anime aesthetics into their marketing campaigns. It looks like this trend will continue with us going one step further, and we can't wait to see how brands and content creators shape it through their personal creative visions.
If in 2022 we witnessed a return to normality, not forgetting the covid outbreaks that are happening in some countries, in 2023 travel will focus more on responsible and conscious experiences. Outdoor experiences, which will continue to be highly coveted after the multiple lockdowns we have had to face in recent years, will go hand in hand with greater environmental awareness, a search for balance in nature and an increase in reducing our impact on the planet Earth. Depositphotos also mentions the increased interest in hiking and camping aesthetics.
“Older people deserve the same high-quality and highly-customized services we typically address for others,” says the director of the UK National Innovation Center for Aging (NICA), Nic Palmarini, about one of the most important points of the report. This characteristic has to do with the ageing of the world population and how brands and companies must understand and include this phenomenon in their strategic approaches. From the search for authenticity to campaigns that combine people of different ages without falling into clichés or marked stereotypes, this is one of the great challenges we will be facing this year.
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Regarding the ethereal world, another of the highlights of the forecast, Depositphotos says this: “drawing inspiration from 20th-century magical realism, content creators will turn to hazy and blurry effects, deep shadows, and compelling compositions in their works.” From moonlight nights to dreamy landscapes or inspiring nature, these elements will be more present than ever in creative visions and artistic universes during 2023. Visual artist Taysa Jorge also alludes to how digital photo manipulation is gaining value again thanks to NFTs.
Continuing with sustainability, not only the search for less impact or greater environmental awareness will be fundamental in consumer experiences. They will also do so in the search for solutions, in the form of collaborations with engineers or scientists or in creative and productive processes by brands. Recycling logos or renewable sources are some of the most notable points that we will be able to see this year because, as Núria Vila, creative director and designer with a positive environmental impact, rightly says, “less is more.”
The AR and VR-powered wellness experiences will be implemented by brands in their marketing activities, taking them to new places and contexts, trying to respond to the demands of a public that seeks new experiences and pursues well-being at its highest level. Important to understand this phenomenon are elements such as the metaverse, meditative music or augmented reality business, capable of creating new immersive experiences that surprise us all.
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Last but not least, let’s go with the seventh point: a blast of joy. “My advice for brands that would like to integrate maximalism into their communication is to bring more colour and people who are authentic,” says Thalia Castro-Vega, one of the expert contributors to the 2023 forecast. “Move away from the overtly pristine sets and models, and show something that is more appealing because it feels real and relatable.” Among the trends for next year, we must highlight the search for activities and experiences that generate dopamine with an ultimate goal: to make us feel happy and alive.
We cannot ignore the appearance of the “Romanticise your life” and “Dopamine dressing” movements, paving the way for a new trend that will take off in the next few months. Don't forget that you can read their annual creative trends forecast, Creative Trends 2023: Ready to Escape? Here.
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