“Feels like I’m about to crash again / You look like you are burning at both ends / You know, I can hear it in my head / All our broken promises left unsaid,” sings Coumarin in his new single, titled Meteorites. The German-born artist continues his ongoing series of stand-alone singles, which so far have proven what a versatile artist he is, as well as his commitment to making music that he feels is right no matter the genre.
The up-and-coming artist puts honesty at the centre of everything he does, from songwriting to sound production, to the visuals. In his new song, he opens up to his listeners to talk about uncomfortable feelings. As he puts it: “From the beginning, Meteorites was a song about sacrifice and the volatility of life, which is why the song has such a special place in my heart.” The lyrics are poignant and heartfelt, especially these: “Yeah, it’s hard to find a loyal friend / But your love was always different, girl.” Straight to the heart.

But Coumarin’s latest release isn’t only a striking song, it also has a beautiful story behind it. “Writing Meteorites was one of these rare experiences where the lyrics came at the exact same time as the music itself – there was no period in-between where the music stood on its own,” shares the German artist.

This new single is a new addition to Coumarin’s series. So far, he’s also released Make It Right, inspired by the new wave; Godspeed, a heart-breaking romantic song; and Undertow, with roaring guitars and string riffs. After Meteorites, what is the artist up to? Will he continue releasing singles, or is he onto his first album? Follow him to not miss a thing!