Building on Its AM95 Momentum, Clint 419’s ever-popular streetwear brand Corteiz presents a brand-new summer capsule packed with utility details and military cues. Their collaboration with Nike was arguably one of the most in-demand sneaker releases of 2023 shutting down the streets of New York City, London, and Paris. Crowned as the hottest current streetwear brand in the United Kingdom, Crtz continues to make waves in the industry with their latest summer offering.
With each drop, Crtz attracts a larger and more dedicated fanbase, from pop-up car-boot sales in Soho to mega scavenger hunts, their sporadic drops have gained a notorious reputation for causing havoc on the streets of London. Although their drops are still very limited and highly sought-after, Crtz success lies on the values of exclusivity and community. Unlike Supreme and Palace, Corteiz's popularity isn't fuelled by reselling, but instead by word of mouth, social media and an extremely loyal fanbase.

The logo-adorned minimal streetwear capsule takes us back to Crtz basics with the brand’s classic Alcatraz logo seen across an array of graphic t-shirts, hoodies, cargo pants - similar to the ones seen during the brand’s 99p pop-up and more. Standouts from the release include a selection of matching Alcatraz logo tracksuits – debuting in shades of green, blue, and black. A new barbed wire motif adorns the “Rules the World" slogan seen across the collection which is rounded out by a selection of new bucket hats and womenswear silhouettes.
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