Discover the electrifying affair brought to you by the global fashion house, Coach, alongside Boiler Room, London’s vanguard of independent music and cultural curator. The soirée was a nod to Coach’s Wear Your Shine campaign and collection, inviting you to courageously embrace your shine.
Coach’s evolving story is now anchored in the Courage to Be Real, its purpose to kindle the flames of self-expression. Under the banner of Wear Your Shine, fashion serves as a tool for personal expression and empowerment, with the campaign championing the strength found in embracing one’s unique identity and conquering self-doubt.
Held at London’s burgeoning independent nightlife destination, The Cause, the event pulsed with the sounds of UK electronic music artists. The line-up featured headliners Desiree (RSA) and fka.m4a, along with Laelo Black and Jay Jay Revlon. With Coach’s ‘Courage to Be Real’ mission as their guiding light, dancer duo Amani and Bambi, handpicked by Jay Jay Revlon, breathed movements charged with the energy of club culture. Stay tuned for the upcoming drop of all the night’s performances on Boiler Room’s YouTube channel.
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