On his Spotify bio, we read: “Childe is a refreshingly chaotic talent. You’ve likely never met anyone like him, and you probably never will.” After having listened to his debut album several times over the week since its release last Friday, we must say we agree. In Stoned & Supremely Confident, his 9-track LP, Childe gets extremely personal and opens up about over-medicating, heartache, loneliness, depression, and other issues usually deemed taboo.
The British artist’s debut project kicks off with a strong, energetic song titled Chemical Balance, which he released as a single leading up to the publication of the album. But don’t be fooled by that letter of presentation because, as we hear in the remaining eight songs, Childe loosens up and has a softer, more intimate approach. However, Chemical Balance already speaks to the intimacy of the entire album, with lyrics such as: “I’m numb / And I don’t know how to breathe / I’m unsure / Is this how I’m supposed to feel?”

This track is followed by another single, Better Friends (the most streamed so far on Spotify, actually), where he keeps opening up to his listeners. This time, he reflects on fighting for friendship, on making a bigger effort for those who love you instead of using excuses to justify bad behaviour. Music-wise, it’s the perfect bridge between Chemical Balance and Death Wish, the third song on the album, which is almost acoustic and allows us to see a rawer version of Childe and his vocals. This rawness and vulnerability are also present in other tracks like Don’t Need To Know and Sean.

Stoned & Supremely Confident is the artist’s most personal record to date. Embarking on a journey of introspection, self-discovery and healing, Childe allows us into his innermost feelings and traumas. Together with Danny Presant, he cowrote this album between London and Los Angeles, imbuing each track with highly personal experiences (most of them bad and painful). This openness to discuss issues that are too often thought of as taboo allows us to connect with him and helps us relate to his past.

After launching the album last Friday, Childe is planning on presenting it live. Next Monday, September 18, he’s going to sing at The Forge at Lower Third (London). He has a second date scheduled in London in October, where he’s set to play at The Waiting Room on the 19th. On October 31, he’ll be visiting Berlin’s Barkett, and on November 2, he’ll be connecting with his French audience at Pop-Up. Don’t miss him!