Celebrating to the fullest the tenth anniversary of his brand, Loverboy, fashion designer Charles Jeffrey presents his new Spring/Summer 2025 collection in London with an accompanying exhibition, titled The Lore of Loverboy, on view at London’s Somerset House until September 1st. But we spoke about it here already, so now let’s dive into the collection that Jeffrey showcased recently.
Loverboy, the brainchild of Scottish Creative Director and designer Charles Jeffrey, has risen from its modest beginnings in an East London bedroom to become a special presence in the international fashion scene. Nestled in the historic Somerset House in London, Loverboy has continued to push boundaries, blending the folkloric richness of Scottish history with the vibrant energy of London’s queer nightlife and music scenes. In a spectacular return in London, Loverboy presented its ten-year anniversary runway collection, aptly titled 10. This collection marks a significant milestone in the brand’s history, reflecting on the enduring themes that have shaped Loverboy’s journey.
The concept of ‘queer time’, the idea that queerness influences our perceptions of gender, sexuality, and time itself, was a central theme. The collection explored how societal expectations and respectability are tied to the conventional understanding of time. This was artistically represented through a fusion of nightwear, undergarments, formal attire, and outerwear, challenging traditional sartorial codes. Complementing the visual spectacle was a soundscape produced in collaboration with composer Luca Manning and performed by the Somerset House Studios choir. This auditory experience drew from personal queer experiences and explored the potential of the human voice as an instrument and texture.
Loverboy’s ten-year celebration at Somerset House was not only a nod to its origins but also a broader reflection on its distinctly British approach to style. The collection featured playful takes on traditionally masculine symbols from military and gamekeeping spheres, questioning their enduring status. Iconic elements from Loverboy’s history, such as the ears beanie and the Warholian banana motif, were reimagined in bold new forms.
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