Tweed. A word that vibrates with history, a melody woven into the very fabric of Chanel Mikael Jansson's lens captures the 2023/24 Métiers d'art collection campaign, led by the trio of Lulu Tenney, Loli-Bahia, and Alaato Jazyper, in vibrant pop energy. Echoing the spirit of the Manchester show, it celebrates the 60s, where music and elegance danced hand-in-hand with a touch of mischievousness.
The Chanel allure comes alive in a tableau vivant, where stark black and white highlight the graphic lines of suits, coats, and jackets, adorned with tweed caps by Maison Michel and delicate camellias from Lemarié. Black and white diptychs, splashed with bursts of colour, showcase the models Lulu Tenney, Loli-Bahia, and Alaato Jazyper, each embodying a modern, joyful femininity.
The colour palette explodes with the vast potential of tweed: an apple-green jacket trimmed with braid and croquets by Paloma, paired with the iconic 11.12 bag, or a lilac jacket with silk cuffs and a vibrant orange coat with its matching bag. The tweed suit, a canvas for endless reinvention that has been reinvented into a modern classic under Viard´s eyes (this is your sign to rewatch the Chanel 2023/24 Métiers d’art show).
In addition, last September, a film directed by Sofia and Roman Coppola took viewers on a Mancunian journey. This diary-style film retraced the steps of the Chanel 2023/24 Métiers d'art collection, capturing the vibrant spirit and creative energy of Manchester, the city where it was first unveiled last December, and now comes back as the perfect complement for the campaign.
This campaign is a vibrant dialogue between Virginie Viard and the Métiers d'art, a celebration of historic fashion savoir-faire, exquisite craftsmanship, and a bold, feminine spirit. The Chanel 2023/24 Métiers d'art collection is now available in boutiques and on the official website.