Relationships are not set in stone, they transform, change, and the bonds are strengthened or end up being destroyed. And it is not always easy to assimilate or accept it, especially when there are imbalances between the different parties involved. Southern California-based rock meets pop singer/songwriter Ceara Cavalieri talks about this on her new single, Used. “I wrote this song about being in a relationship that began to feel one-sided. It's the worst feeling when someone begins to act like they don't care about you anymore or are just ‘using’ you.”
And it is precisely this push and pulls, the internal debate between staying or breaking ties, that inspires this new release. “It's easy to make excuses for their behaviour at first, especially if you really care about them, but no one deserves to be in any type of relationship or friendship where they are feeling that way, and I hope people can connect to this song as I do,” adds the artist, interpreter of singles like Radio Silence, Boulevard of Broken Dreams or The Cure.

Her passion for music embraces mental health, having graduated from UCLA with a degree in Psychology. Effectively connecting with her audience through experiences with which many can feel identified, the singer frees herself through her art, making it a meeting place with her audience. Quite an achievement that has received praise from Ladygunn, Earmilk, Wonderland and more. Because it is easy to share messages through music, but not to reach the hearts of the listeners.