Last week we went to Carlota Barrera's recently opened studio in Madrid to find out all the details of her new Fall/Winter 2023 collection, Upheaval. The designer, who has made a well-deserved name for herself on the London fashion scene in recent years and is thus today one of the great names in Spanish fashion, has merged two of the cities to which she feels most connected, Madrid and London, to present her latest work. Also Asturias, where she was born, by exploring the techniques of artisanal coastal fishing and the art of making nets in a very interesting technical exercise that once again demonstrates her talent.
It doesn't matter where her headquarters are, whether it's in London, which became her creative centre in recent years, or Madrid, where she has just moved, opened the doors of her new studio, and hosted her latest presentation some days ago. The name of Carlota Barrera sounds louder and louder, her commitment to the revaluation of crafts and her brand’s discourse through which she questions gender and offers us an exciting reinterpretation of menswear does not stop gaining followers.

After having taken us on a trip to Cuba with her Spring/Summer 2023 collection, presented at London Fashion Week (always preserving the essence that she has shaped in the United Kingdom and Spain) the designer now unveils a collection that was born near the sea. The influence of the coast in her creative universe and in her life, the contact with nature and the fusion of different sources of inspiration that she has transferred to the public through different artistic disciplines such as fashion and illustration throughout her career now converge in her new work, presented with a fashion film directed by Pablo Curto and produced by Sample, with choreography by Magnus Westwell and styling by Ben Schofield.

From women in the fishing industry and their fundamental work to the lack of recognition of a not-easy trade in which you have to deal with inclement weather, the harshness of the wildest nature and unforeseen events. Barrera honours all of them in her new collection Upheaval. Many emotions arouse when watching the new visual piece, in which in barely a minute and a half she immerses us in a strong and dark atmosphere. Her DNA is still present, but her latest collection shows us again that Carlota does not conform to what she’s done before and she continues to explore new territories, now from her new headquarters in Madrid.
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