The British fashion house came up with a week of fashion festivities to celebrate their Spring/Summer 2024 collection––taking over Norman’s Cafe near Tufnell Park and transforming Bond Street tube station into Burberry Street (the Burberry-buzz had taken over London), cementing its status as a trailblazer in the industry. I was pleasantly surprised when I received my invitation to the Spring/Summer 2024 Burberry show. Why? The choice of location (The Borough of Islington) bordered by Highbury to the north and Hoxton to the east, Islington will always have a special place in my heart, and although the area has experienced quite a social renaissance in the last decade, gentrification hasn’t taken over the liberal spirit, and greenery synonymous to North London.
In the midst of an always-hectic fashion week, having the chance to leave central London was a treat for my mind, soul and sight. I found myself in the heart of Islington, under a giant green tartan tent in Highbury Fields where a star-studded audience, including Kano, Skepta, Son Heung, Naomi Campbell, Shygirl and Burna Boy, were all eager to witness witness Daniel Lee’s latest triumph. Singling a delightful departure from the expected, the creative director’s second collection for Burberry proved to be a refreshing exploration of lightness, sensuality, and elegance. Islington's Highbury Fields transformed into a spectacle, with a green-carpeted space, matching benches, and nylon Burberry blankets, leaving us wondering if green is the new Burberry blue.
The iconic trench took on a new life this season, reimagined for the summer with extra-popped collars and a sense of outdoor living. Burberry’s signature blue made appearances, accentuating formal button-downs and rumpled heritage jackets. But it's the prints that truly stole the show this season. Chains, flowers, strawberries, and cherries dance across sleek dresses and coordinates, embodying a quintessential British spirit. Burberry's check print, a beloved symbol of the brand, returns in full force for S/S 2024 reminding us of the label’s heritage while embracing a contemporary twist. Footwear is equally enchanting, with sleek dress shoes featuring statement hardware, strappy floral heels, and extra-glittery mules that add a touch of whimsy to every step.
As the lights dimmed and anticipation filled the air, the first model emerged wearing a trench coat with high collars and a sleek black belt, setting the tone for what was to come.Interlocked chain-links took centre stage, becoming Burberry's next seasonal print and taking Lee's Burberry universe to new heights. Lightweight dresses, layered skirts, and shirting all bore the pronounced graphics, secured in place by chain press tools.
Daniel Lee's vision for Burberry is crystal clear: a return to peak Britishness. This collection, accompanied by the stirring music of Dean Blunt, embodies that vision flawlessly. Daniel Lee's creative genius continues to breathe new life into the century-old fashion house, propelling it into an era of boundless innovation whilst capturing the essence of British youth, contemporaneity, and timeless style.
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