We all know the differences between flying economy and first class, but the one thing that premium seats cannot counter is the dreaded time zone change. Jet lag is even worse when you are flying east, as a study posted on Lifehacker reveals that when you’re eastbound, your days are shortened and therefore, your circadian rhythm has to play catch-up as opposed to if you were heading west. Not only does switching time zones confuse you physically, but you also have to mentally switch to what seems to be a whole new schedule.
While Bulgari may not have a quick fix to modify your internal body clock, they do have a watch that will help your mind adjust to a new time zone. Sure, your smartphone probably has an app that allows you to add the current times and cities of your choice, but Bulgari is never one to back down from an opportunity to appeal to its elite customers. “Since 1884,” the style editors at Lyst indicate in their Bulgari collection, “the luxury Italian fashion has been delivering premium accessories to its esteemed clientele.” With international tourism rates increasing year after year, it was time that Bulgari offered a sophisticated product that would come to the aid of first class travellers in their transition between time zones.

Watches with multiple time zone displays have been on the rise for quite some time, and one of the latest is the Bulgari Hora Domus. It’s a dual time zone watch that automatically adjusts to daylight savings. The cities at the top and bottom of the display can be adjusted according to your hometown and destination you’re traveling to, and the clock contains an extra hour hand to show both times, as well as an AM/PM label. There are also buttons to turn on daylight savings.

This all sounds straightforward, but A Blog to Watch shares that this is a rather comprehensive watch with complicated settings that users will need to orient themselves with beforehand. Though once you get acquainted with the timepiece and fully understand the functions, luxury travellers will never fly anywhere without it.

There are two variations of the Hora Domus, a brown leather strap with a pink and black dial and a black leather strap with a pink and silver dial, which will be on sale for €36,000 a piece.
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