Bow Label, a Stockholm-based jewellery brand, speaks to METAL about its minimalistic but eye-catching pieces. Bow Label offers a modern outlook on personal style and offers designs that can be worn daily. Designers Sophie Antonsson and Josefin Bakos De Geer talk about their latest campaign shooting, inspiration sources and upcoming collections.
How long have you both had an interest in designing jewellery for?
We love jewellery; it’s a way of expressing personal style. We couldn’t find much else that we liked within the market that held quality. We love the combination of plain clothes matched with lots of jewellery. And it’s also something that you can wear every day. It’s fun to create something that people can use to express themselves; it has always been a life long interest of ours.
Could you talk briefly about the concept behind your brand?
Our design is clean and contemporary and each piece originates from a unique story or purpose, making them an extension of the wearer; a type of armour worn by both men and women.
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What has been the highlight of your journey so far?
It’s almost impossible for us to choose ONE highlight, but it’s generally amazing to see customers feeling good in your designs. Shooting our latest campaign was a milestone. We were surrounded by so many talented people, each one at the forefront of their area, and seeing the results was truly bliss!
Do you have any style icons that influence your approach to design?
We don’t really have any style icon as such; we adore the simple look of Patti Smith, or the more advanced style of Chloë Sevigny.
Where does the inspiration and innovation of your brand derive from?
It is quite difficult for us to pin point what inspires us a lot of the time. It can be an angle or a shape, a friend or even a stranger. We also browse a lot of interior and industrial design to get inspiration flowing. And sometimes the idea comes first; we want to create a piece that carries a particular meaning.
Your designs have a somewhat geometric approach. Where does your fascination for minimalistic jewellery come from?
It must be our Scandinavian roots, we work a lot with contrasts in our designs. For example, we want our pieces to be minimalistic but eye-catching at the same time –be our straight ear-pins, Trishiula studs, or big but lightweight Tiles earrings–; and also classic, but avant-garde –Snick earring and 90s chain–. Most of our items can be worn in several different ways. We like to keep things functional as well and beautiful.
How did you both react when you saw your brand was selected for a prestigious Swedish Program Fashion Talents’ with the Swedish Fashion Council?
Of course, it was a great honour to be selected as one of the seven fashion brands to be promoted for the program. Sweden has so many talented designers, and it’s been fantastic to participate in activities hosted by some of the real veterans in the area.
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Your latter look book features men wearing your designs. Do you aspire to target a larger male demographic?
Ever since we started we’ve created jewellery for all genders. Our jewels are not particularly directed to a specific sex or age group. We have a wide spectrum of customers and we are very proud to cater to anyone who likes high quality jewellery. However, it seems that it’s important to inspire men –more so than women– and creating that type of jewellery is awesome. For this shooting, we also had the opportunity to work with Jin Zou, who has such a dynamic face; he’s perfect for our brand.
Do you both have a similar vision when it comes to design, or do your contrasting thoughts provide more concepts for the brand?
We compliment each other well on the design, as we do have some contrasting thoughts. When we set the direction for up-and-coming programs or products, Sophie usually starts the design process by sketching with a bigger perspective on the product in mind. Jos then takes over and tweaks the shapes in line with the BOW DNA, focusing more on the attention to details. We then go over it together giving the product its final appearance, personality and soul.
What is the best advice you have ever been given?
Sophie: You have to be in business to be in business
Do you have some personal motto?
Sophie: I’m stubborn to the bone (which is a good and a bad thing at the same time), so I guess my motto is something along the lines of ‘nothing is impossible’.
Jos: I’m a perfectionist, which is also good and bad. I continue on working on things forever and ever until I am happy with the result. I need to learn to let go of things that are not important and to channel that energy and dedication into the right direction. So my motto would be something like ‘nothing is ever finished’.
What is your first thought every morning? 
Sophie: I always start with a strong cup of coffee and by checking my email first thing in the morning. And I usually also need to call our production manager first thing when I wake up, as we are working on different time zones.
Jos: I always take a minute or two to go over the dreams I’ve had during the night. There’s always a lot of inspirational material coming from that direction.
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What are you currently working on?
Improving our selection of styles and a more long-term plan for product development. After two years working on finding the perfect production partner, we have now settled and can take the next step in administrating our production.
Do you have any ideas in mind for future collections?
Yes, plenty! We never lack ideas.
 Are you both currently inspired by?
Jos: Dorisburg. The song Kassiopeia is how I want people to see our designs: minimalistic and deep, but still light and airy and with so many stories to tell. 
Some guilty pleasures?
Glögg and raves
Where do you see the brand in a few years?
The same core as we are today, but perhaps with a few more team members that offer more creative possibilities.
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