Boko Yout is determined to chart his own path in music and life. Unleashing his creative freedom and empowering himself through his artistic project, Paul Adamah is now releasing his debut EP AS SEEN ON TV, a collection of songs about stereotypes around masculinity, sexuality and identity as a young black queer man. Sharing his vital experiences in the form of songs that shape an EP that delves into different aspects of the life process, we can't wait to enjoy his intense live shows full of improvisation and strongly marked by artistic performances with talking puppets and a crowd surfing fish.
“Earlier in my life, shame, religious values and internalized homophobia prevented me from creating in a sincere way. I need to explore all sides of me to take control of my own narrative and create the representation I wish I had growing up,” says the artist after having found in music a limitless form of expression with which to be himself one hundred per cent. Having acted as a support act for the punk rock giants Viagra Boys on their arena tour in Scandinavia, Boko Yout reflects on identity in a mesmerizing way. And he's booked for Storsjöyran, Trädgården Live Sessions and Powerpose FM Festival, besides being one of the artists invited to play at Brilliant Minds, an annual creative conference started by Spotify founder Daniel Ek.
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