If you’ve scrolled through TikTok or Instagram reels lately, you might be familiar with Billy Vena because Lil Nas X dueted with him, and other artists like Troye Sivan, Channing Tatum, Mnek or reality TV star Lisa Rinna shared some of his videos where the Panama-born, Texas-based artist shows us his dancing skills. Well, today we’re speaking of him because of his latest release, Center of Your Attention, another banger to add to his intoxicating pop catalogue.
In true Warholian fashion, Billy Vena wants his fifteen minutes of fame. Well, not quite; he wants to be famous forever and ever. And he aims to achieve so through music and dance. With previous singles including Grain, Talking 2 Myself, Water for Breakfast or Body Is Love, the new addition to his repertoire has his distinctive sound and fits his identity like a glove, characterised by 1980s vibes, immediate melodies and touch of summery, indie-tinged guitars.
Speaking of Center of Your Attention, Billy shares that “the entire song is built on an acting career metaphor… it was for anyone I’m obsessed with, I wanna be their super star, not anyone else’s.” With humour but also in all seriousness, Billy’s new single speaks of pop culture, celebrities, obsessive fandom, and fame. With this new single, and the dance he accompanies it with (if you haven’t seen it yet, head to his Instagram profile), Billy promises to gift us more pop gems that will sound as fresh, clever, and fun in the future as they do now.