Australian sensation Big Wett is here to redefine electro-pop dance music as you know it. We cannot begin to label the sound and that’s what makes it so fun; it’s the exciting and seductive sound you’ve been holding out for.
Kickstarting her louder-than-life career on SoundCloud, Big Wett’s rise to stardom is nothing short of spectacular. Big Wett took all our collective lockdown frustrations and channelled it into her first demo, Eat My Ass, in late 2021, and her new EP PU$$Y does not disappoint in following up on the hype. This promising artist is making waves in the industry already and creating her own unique space and sound. We talk with the energy and brains behind Big Wett herself, about drunken inspiration, teenage dreams, and what to expect next.
You’ve said that the catalyst for discovering your sound was alcohol and boredom during lockdown. How did you discover or create Big Wett as a persona? What’s more, is Big Wett a character or persona for you?
Alcohol and boredom definitely contributed to this EP. The other half is me being a crazy Bitch––in the best way. Big Wett is a character but it’s also a way of life. Everyone has a bit of Big Wett in them, they just need to dial it up 69%.
You’ve called yourself a stereotypical Leo before in interviews. How do you feel about astrology? It definitely aligns with the you that we know now that Leo is ruled by the sun and is famously high energy, creative, and confident. Have you always felt this is a true description of you?
I believe and don’t believe in star signs. I believe it makes us feel understood and seen, and honestly that’s half the point, right? Don’t know how the stars know but I’m 10000% a Leo so through and through it’s sickening.
You entered the music scene very suddenly following the release of your demo in December 2021, can you please share your journey into the world of music before SoundCloud?
I was a normal person until like two years ago. Covid happened, life happened, I got drunk and put Eat My Ass on the internet as a joke and the rest is history. I’ve been writing a memoir since I was 14, so you’ll hear all the stories one day.
Growing up, was the dream always to make music?
I’ve always dreamed of being an actress but always loved music and performing, and Big Wett is the perfect combination of all three.
What were your musical influences or tastes growing up?
Xtina, Lil Kim, Eminem, Dre, 50 cent, Britney Spears.
As a creative, are there any other disciplines that you find you use as a creative outlet?
I love painting, I’ve always loved writing (both creative and academic). Never really thought of myself as a creative because I did it for fun instead of a job, but I’m realising that I’ve always expressed myself somehow.
Your music is very high-energy, feel-good dance music. Can you tell us a few things about your creative process? How do you tap into the persona Big Wett to create?
I can start with a beat or a lyrical idea. Each song writes itself differently. The more I’m writing with other people the more I’m learning that everyone’s creative process is different, and there’s no wrong or right way. Having fun should be the main goal––or why bother?
Let’s talk about your latest release, PU$$Y EP. You seem to be pioneering a new hybrid sound with this album that there’s been difficulty categorising definitively, rather the genre is spoken around with adjectives – there’s rap elements, definitely bass, dance, electro-punk, and of course, as described by yourself previously, ‘slut pop.’ How would you like your EP to be categorised, if at all?
I love all of those comparisons, thank you. Am I trying to fit myself into any category? No. I don’t want to lean too heavily into any genre because I want the freedom to explore my sound and my vision. I want the freedom to change my mind at any time and enjoy myself doing it.
This EP seems to capture a progression in your sound and your range as an artist, which seems to be the album story. However, more than anything we got from this album was a real sense of fun alongside your lyrics. There’s been calls before to ‘make pop fun again,’ do you agree or disagree?
I make music because I fucking love dancing and I love being a silly Bitch. I think music should be fun and enjoyable. If you’re not having fun making music, then you’re doing it wrong.
Your music, particularly your lyrics, are obviously very important in terms of female, queer and sexual empowerment, but is having fun currently the aim?
I’m here to enjoy myself and that’s all I’m focusing on right now.
What is, in your opinion, the ideal listening environment or experience for your EP? Not including live with your upcoming Australian tour, of course.
I want to travel the world spreading the gospel of Big Wett. If I find fellow cookers anywhere in the world I will be a happy girl.
You’ve said before that you were particularly inspired by Kim Petras’ album Slut Pop. What about it makes it so special? And also, any other notable influences that we can hear on this album in particular?
Everything is inspiration. Conversations, experiences, music, books––everything you see around you can be inspiration if you use your imagination. In terms of books, for example, I’m currently reading two autobiographies, one of them written by an incredible woman who was an escort and university lecturer simultaneously.
Are there any experimental sounds or ideal collaborations we can expect or look forward to following the release of your first album? What can we expect next?
I have so many tracks I’m choosing between for the next release. A few different sounds and vibes, and I’m just seeing which one I continue to love consistently and see what presents itself naturally. Ideally, the next body of work would explore all the sounds I’m exploring now, instead of settling on one.
You’ve mentioned before about attending a religious school in Australia growing up – what was that like? Do you think it’s hindered or helped you find yourself in the long run?
Everything makes us stronger and more resilient and sure of who we are –if you allow it. I wouldn’t change my upbringing for anything because it makes me who I am.
With blowing up in the music world so fast, you’ve rocked the boat with your music which not everybody has been entirely receptive to. How have you navigated the media explosion and remained such a positive beacon of energy in your music?
I have a great time wherever I go because I’m just so genuinely happy to be here. I used to be a lot more closed off and negative, and one day I had this realisation I was depressed, but I was doing it to myself. My life has gotten infinitely better the more open and welcoming I am to every person and every situation, and you can’t really argue with that logic
You’ve said that to get in the mood you’ll listen to your own music, what other music besides your own do you find empowering or energising?
Just anything that makes me feel confident and smart and sexy and funny.
Do you have any pre-show rituals or a routine for performing live?
Right before show time, the dancers and I put our hands in a circle and shout the Gspot chorus to amp us up.
Your live shows are renowned for your stage presence and atmosphere. What’s been the most memorable moment during performing live so far? Any horror stories?
Every show is always amazing cause I just can’t believe it’s happening. It’s always a good time cause I make it a good time, baby. I was born for this and once you see the show you’ll know what I mean.
You’ve expressed before that you want to go everywhere and play everything; however, do you have a dream venue or festival you’re particularly excited for?
Take me anywhere!!!!! The world is my oyster and oysters make me horny.
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