The California-based sibling duo, as well as their drummer friend, have always been best friends and shared a collective vision of their music. Comprised of Savannah and Brandon Hudson, their kinetic relationship with one another and passion to synchronise art and music have built them an impressive reputation in a short amount of time. Keeping in touch with their fans through a hotline, they enjoy the comfortable environment that is created by breaking down these types of barriers between people. Today they're releasing the whacky music video to their newest single Lonely that confirms their love for the craft.
If I’m not mistaken, music was part of your lives from a very young age. How did you two siblings get along when you were younger and was it ever different when you guys played music together?
Honestly, looking back at our childhood there isn’t a lot of time when we weren’t making music or trying to make something together. Even though we are siblings, we’ve always been close friends as well. Growing up we rarely fought or disagreed. There has always been a shared collective vision of what we wanted to achieve in this life and what we want to create.
One thing that comes to mind when I look through your Instagram page is fashion. Both of you have a very distinct style which can be described as retro. When you are dressed in these outfits, with your hair and makeup done of course, does it stimulate you more to create music for future albums?
We make everything in our home studio so, to be honest, we are in sweat pants for the majority of our recording sessions. Dressing up is always inspiring but usually, we are a bit too obsessive-compulsive on a project to think about anything else but the songs we are working on. We do always have some sort of a visual reference in mind when we are making something, imagination is good.
You do a lot of things yourselves, from writing to directing and editing. Is this mentality something you both find important to rely on?
Absolutely. We want to be hands-on with anything and everything that comes from Between Friends and it’s been that way since we started the project. It all comes down to the fact that we’ve been doing this since we were kids and have seen it all. We don’t want to rely on anyone to get our job done for us.
Tired of your Love, refers to the emotional detachment one starts to feel with someone in a romantic relationship. Do you ever share your thoughts and experiences about your partners and give each other advice?
Yeah, we are always pretty open about our personal feelings and about our relationships. We like to try and bottle up situations and experiences and translate them sonically as a kind of therapy. It feels amazing to get feelings off of your chest and into something that resolves loose ends.
The music video for Tired of your Love is much more simple and with much less movement than in some of your other music videos such as in Shiny. What made you decide to go down this more nonchalant and minimal approach for this song?
During the process of creating this mixtape, we were very inspired by lost formats and bits of musical technology that we constantly overlook nowadays in this, somewhat, more advanced fast-moving time. We watched a lot of old iPod commercials and loved the stark minimalism. There is this futuristic yet timeless feel to how those ads look. We tried to pair that with a bit of ‘flashdance’ and that’s how tired of your love happened.
Your most recent EP Tape 002, expresses a longing for a house party with a DJ playing music and hanging out with friends. Would you say that a silver lining from the pandemic for you guys was this new form of inspiration and creativity to visualise this album?
For the most part, we create based on experiences, so at first, this pandemic was extremely uninspiring. Eventually, making new music was our only escape from what was going on in the world and we really wanted to freely make stuff that made us feel good. There was a turning point towards the middle of the writing process when we realized how much we hadn’t talked about. From then on we worked at a rapid pace to get everything out of our heads and into songs.
A few months ago, you released a hotline for people to contact you. I’m curious, do you really reply back to everyone and what is it that you talk about with your fans? Do they give you ideas for future music?
Between Friends hotline! Yes, we love to talk with everyone. It has been such a cool safe place to be somewhat social. It feels incredible to break down the metaphorical barrier between artist and audience to create a free environment of comfortability with each other.
How does Tape 003 differ/remain the same from Tape 001 and Tape 002?
Tape 003 is the raw and honest piece of the puzzle. Each project brings something new to the table but for us, it was like a diary of reflection.
Your new single, Lonely, has some very deep lyrics, referring to yourself as the ‘old you.’ When writing this song, did you guys reflect a lot about your past selves and how it brought you to where you are now? Any regrets?
When we created Lonely we were in the heat of isolation due to the pandemic. We hadn’t seen friends in a while and we were locked in the studio every day looking for new ways to escape reality. we started to reflect on past situations, relationships and experiences and found a great bit of solitude getting these stories out into songs.
It is a prime example of reflection in our room. Our past situations, whether that be relationships or friendships, they’ve all played a part in who we both are today. Our main objective coming out of these relationships is figuring out how to find ourselves again in new ways and how to grow from them.
You have just released the music video for the song and I couldn’t help notice the continuous change in scenery and landscapes throughout. Is this a way to communicate with your listeners, correlating with the emotion we all share worldwide during these times?
Hopefully, this can be interpreted in many ways based on how it makes you feel. We wanted to capture the feeling of isolation and loneliness that we have felt before, in bigger ways. Nothing ever seems as lonely as someone lost in space.
Your fame continues to grow and at a particularly fast rate. What are the plans for the future? Concerts? Tours?
Looking for connection and some human interaction as soon as possible!
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