A special day requires a special collaboration. So, don’t worry if you're single or heartbroken on Valentine’s Day because Bershka is presenting a love clinic with the one and only Juno Birch! That’s right, we also can’t understand why one of the biggest drag queens from the United Kingdom hasn’t yet been in Drag Race, but we are for sure excited to see her sharing her wildest love tips on Bershka’s Youtube channel and their social media.
The auto proclaimed “alien drag queen” has conquered the public with her bold makeovers and her signature humour she shares throughout YouTube and Instagram, and even by playing The Sims. Juno Birch has definitely created her own identity, covering her skin completely in blue or pink and serving eye-catching looks wherever she goes. And if that weren’t enough, she has made a name for herself as a sculptor, creating distinctive ceramic busts that she even uses as sketches to later recreate the looks on herself.

So, if you want to know how to feel like a queen or how to make sure your date is obsessed with you, check out Juno Birch giving out her best advice. And of course, some “Fashun Tips” to spice up your outfits and feel absolutely stunning. Who better than a diva like her to give us all this fresh content and let us discover her view on love? Go check it out!
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