Do you remember the single by Bentley Robles inspired by Kim Kardashian's crying face? We talked about that release, inspired by a symbol with which he recognised he connected a lot, some time ago in this article. Now the queer, Chicano synthpop artist who was born and raised in Los Angeles and now thrives in Brooklyn is unveiling his new single, kiss my friends. This is a love song to his friends, and the interpretation is open to every listener. A song built on freedom and the outpouring of feelings in which each person configures their own meaning. But always with a common base, love.
kiss my friends can mean whatever you want it to, it can be a sexually charged polyamorous anthem or it can be a harmless flirty banger that is simply hyping up your friends. I wanted it to feel very tongue in cheek, half joke, half confession,” says the artist who debuted his first single in 2019 and has been writing, producing and releasing songs from his home studio. The main feeling is shared and it’s affection and love. Fundamental emotions in life that we all should verbalise sometimes, and to which the artist now pays homage with his new single, kiss my friends.

Written by Bentley and produced by Joao Alberton, this is the latest single from Robles’ long-awaited sophomore EP. kiss my friends comes after presenting salvatore, his previous release that is already close to twenty thousand streams and received Spotify editorial placement on playlists like “New Latin Music Friday.” Bentley has managed to build a formula with which he always sends effective messages in a personal and unique way, addressing universal feelings with which we can all empathise in some way.