It’s been over ten years since BAND-MAID introduced kawaii metal into the global music scene. It was 2013, and last year, the Japanese band released two albums celebrating their ten-year tenure, titled 10th Anniversary Best Vol. 1 and 10th Anniversary Best Vol. 2. And as we know, they’re unstoppable, so they’ve kept releasing new music. Today, we bring you Bestie, a new single from the five-piece band.
Wildly popular in their native country, Miku Kobato (guitar, vocals), Saiki (vocals), Kanami (lead guitar), Misa (bass), and Akane (drums) toured Japan, the United States and Mexico last year to commemorate their ten-year trajectory. Such a feat! But the rock and metal music group is always looking into the next step. Very recently, they’ve released single Bestie, which speaks to the importance of friendship. “You can count on me anytime you need,” Miku sings over a base of guitar riffs and drums. The track is co-written with two-time Grammy Award-nominee Michael Einziger, co-founder of rock band Incubus and also producer of Avicii, among others.
Speaking of Incubus, they’re currently travelling and performing on their Asian tour, and Band-Maid have announced that they will be the band’s special guest at their concert at the Tokyo Garden Theater on May 1. Also, the Japanese group has announced that they will premiere Bestie’s music video on YouTube, so make sure to watch it. This adds to the list of performances that Band-Maid have scheduled for the upcoming months, including appearances in festivals like Rising Sun Rock Festival in Ezo or Osaka Gigantic Music Festival, as well as a special concert on June 12 with The Warning at Ex Theater Ropponngi.