There is something incredibly appealing about plastic surgery, especially when it goes wrong. TV shows like Botched are testament to that; when people go too far, testing the limits of the human body and science itself. With references ranging from photographer and artist David LaChapelle to reality show Dr. 90210, Baby Yors’ new single and music video, Cara de ule, is a camp, funny, sarcastic take on beauty standards and the extremes some people will go to achieve them – or at least, try to. After undergoing a nose job almost ten years ago and living a traumatic experience (the doctor forgot a piece of cotton inside the artist’s nose), Baby Yors is channeling that episode in a witty and sarcastic way.
On Instagram, the Argentinian-born, Los Angeles-based artist posted a teaser of the music video with the caption: “Cara de ule — a hilarious video, truly a masterpiece if I may say so…,” hinting at Julia Fox’s viral commentary about her own memoir, Down the Drain. With this, Baby Yors gives us clues about his love for extravagant characters, those that keep pop culture relevant, funny, and alive. Directed by the artist himself, Cara de Ule’s music video features personalities like Riley Holden from the House of Avalon; Justin Jedlica, world record holder for the most cosmetic surgeries on a man, and Mario Adrion, a German comedian and influencer. 
This latest single comes after recent releases like Red River Maria, Penelope or Nada Mas Americano, all of which are part of the singer’s upcoming album, Americano, out on July 4th (how convenient, isn’t it?). Combining songs in both Spanish and English, Baby’s new record talks about his experience as an immigrant in the United States and about the road to forging a professional career as well as an identity.