Being just 15 years old, Aviv has managed to make music an escape valve with which she expresses all her feelings, freeing herself from all ties. “Since I won’t even talk to my friends about a lot of these things, it’s an outlet for me to talk about things I don’t talk about,” she says when asked about her great passion, which she continues to work on and experiment with. After having released singles like Black coffee or Love of your life, with hundreds of thousands of streams on major platforms, she now presents her new release, You feel like depression. A song in which the singer goes deep into the many feelings of self-guilt, self-blame and an overall feeling of failure.
“This feeling is amplified when the person with whom you’ve ended the relationship blames you for the breakup,” explains Aviv, who despite her youth is able to convey her emotions with exceptional sensitivity through music. Trying to be true to herself, exploring her essence as she advances in the music industry and making this profession a way to channel her reflections and feelings, the singer seems to be clear about her goals. And the search for her own identity is one of the fundamental pillars on which she builds her musical project: “The more Aviv the music is, the better.”

Her songs make her answer her own questions, and she shares them with her audience creating a community. “If my song takes you somewhere emotionally, there’s nothing better to me,” she adds. In her new release, You feel like depression, the artist tackled some of the most difficult issues to manage that many young people have to deal with. From the self-blame feeling to the moment when the person with whom you’ve ended the relationship blames you for the breakup. Experiences which the singer gives voice through music, her great ally.