Today, when the world music scene is suffering from a lack of truly distinctive and honest sound performers, young Danish musician Asbjorn turns out to be something you should know about. At the age of twenty, Asbjorn Toftdahl, also known as Asbjorn "The Strange Ears", conquered his native Denmark with his first single "Strange Ears". But although having performed in the Danish pop scene, his songs aren’t pop in the traditional and boring way and you definitely can’t say they are mainstream.
I met with him before his show at Strom Linienclub in Munich and asked him a few questions about his family, music and inspiration.
So, Asbjorn, can you please tell me how and when did your passion for music and dancing start?
I grew up in a very artistic family. My parents are musicians so it’s no surprise that music was in our natural way of communication. The desire for dancing was also with me since early childhood and I was trying to develop both of these skills throughout my life. The only exception was a short period in my teenage years. I suffered from some kind of incomprehensible melancholy and forgot how much joy and pleasure dancing brings. Somehow I forgot the freedom it gives you to be yourself.
I’ve heard you were a fan of Britney. Is pop music your preferred genre? Who would you say are your music idols today?
I like a variety of music genres and that includes pop music; there are many artists on my mind. At present I would say Lykke Li is very cool. Music from the 90s and club music is also doing very well right now. Lately, what has impressed me the most has been Beyonce’s new album. Going on tour with other bands is a way for me to get inspired and learn about new music genres and artists.
Now, please, tell me about your band. How many members make up the group and who is who?
Actually I create and record all my music by myself. And while I’m on tour guest musicians help me with performing.
Wow! You really surprised me right now! And I’ve heard you established your own music company. Why did you decide to do so and what was your goal when creating it? Does it promote only you or other artists too?
At this moment it`s only for me. When I released my first single – The Criminal - a lot of record labels were interested in it. I went to all the media and they liked it but they wanted to put it in more mainstream frameworks. They wanted to put more computerized synthetic sound in it and it wasn’t what I wanted. Then I met Jesper Bay and we started to work on my sound together. We had a common understanding of what my music should be. The music I do is more alive and true-hearted and it doesn’t suit any particular frameworks. Fortunately now I have an opportunity and the facilities to be my own boss and to work on my music how I see it and feel it.
And what do you think about collaborations with other musicians or bands?
It’s always interesting to work with new people and I’d really like to produce some records with other artists as long as it’s not going against my music concept.