Driven by an infinite curiosity towards the world and the universe, Arcin Sagdic describes himself as a “passionate photographer” and reveals us how inspiration can come from anything around him, from Leonardo Da Vinci to Richard Feynman’s writing about electrodynamics. He creates pictures that explore the boundaries between reality and the otherworldly, enclosing the Universe and what is it that lays behind it – the invisible, the imaginary, the dreamy. We had the opportunity to talk to him and discover more about his visual world.
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Could you tell us a bit more about yourself?
I am a passionate photographer trying to find a source of inspiration in anything that crosses my way.
I have read that you have an interest in astrophysics. Is that right? Is this something you learned by yourself? And what does attract you from this field?
I don’t know much about astrophysics, but electrodynamics grabbed my interest after stumbling over Richard Feynman’s writings. These fairly new descriptions of photons that can be conceived of as particles that may distort matter has changed my view towards photography. Everything about the craft receives a peculiar shine when I explore it through my lens.
In your work there are always aspects related to space and universe. Is there any specific reason behind it?
My goal is to reflect a visual mirage of an imaginary world. And the known universe is both real and of an awe-inspiring oddity that doesn’t cease to amaze me. Thoughts like these shiver through my dreams and somehow find their way to my film.
Is your work a reflection of your personal emotions and feelings?
I believe everyone's work or practice of any kind is an expression of a personal feeling – finding the right medium is essential to being understood or not.
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How would you describe your art?
I do not believe that I should describe my art, but rather that my art should describe me.
Your work is a mix of surrealism, fashion and fine art photography. How important is the fashion component in your pictures?
Fashion is a social medium to communicate non-verbally that shouldn't be underestimated. If my protagonists wear something I want it to accomplish my artistic vision at this point. It’s a mean to compose an image.
Could you tell us more about your work called Impurity? What is the main inspiration behind the project?
This project is a pronunciation of my feelings and political views. How the anchor that used to ground me suddenly vanished.
Let's talk about your fine art project. It is a series of photographs combined with scanning techniques. How did this idea come up?
Necessity is the mother of invention. I always envisioned controlling the chemical phase of the photographic process, and when I couldn’t afford expensive scans, I built up my own way of digitalizing film. Springing out of this was my focus on manipulating negatives from a very early stage. Distortions, colourings and overexposure suddenly became tactile appliances instead of mouse clicks.
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What is the main concept behind the series?
I try to make use and canalize scientific theories for my inner perception before even starting to create an idea or a concept. It’s nothing essential, it’s an inner sequence or simply a thought behind my project that I usually don't even talk about.
What artists have influenced the most your photography?
Anybody is a potential source of inspiration. The mechanism of an artistic or non-artistic approach itself is the main aspect for me. It can be any kind of person having a certain ritual before starting an attempt. I personally find the point that Leonardo Da Vinci tried to find a way to connect both art and science hugely inspiring. I personally find it highly important to objectify scientific achievements with the help of art. Objectification is a big step to conceive and not only to understand.
Any future projects you can tell us about?
Something new for me: I’m working on a video project.
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