Transforming perfection into authenticity and converting beauty standards into an embrace of plurality and self-expression, AppleDoll Cosmetics determined to revolutionise the beauty industry. Championing a strong brand identity built on empowerment, experimentation, and sustainability, the project, born and raised in Los Angeles and led by Madeleine and Hex, wants to make the exploration of beauty a freeing experience. AppleDoll is the response of a new generation that did not feel represented in brands that pursued canonical beauty and who demanded something much more powerful, being themselves.
This capsule of colour, poetry, and play, as those responsible for AppleDoll refer to the project in which they put all their passion and dedication, is a place where everyone is welcome. All of their SKUs are genderless and multi-use and are designed to highlight our personalities through a tool as powerful as beauty. Creativity merges with curiosity, adapting to new times and offering utter diversity to celebrate all identities in a brand that has become a community that continues to gain followers.
After decades in which the beauty sector has strived to convey an image of fictitious perfection, consolidating canons and very strict aesthetic rules that dictated what was right and wrong, AppleDoll stands to combat these structures that seemed immovable and demonstrate that beauty is much broader than we had been led to believe. They advocate for beauty as radical acceptance, self-love, and self-confidence, defying conventions and reinventing this term to make it much more open and inclusive.
Being accessible to people of all races, genders, and sexualities, AppleDoll Cosmetics boasts a community-based affiliate programme with over 900 strong members and counting. In addition to the close bond they have created with Generation Z, which feels represented in the brand's values, they're part of the “Never List,” which means their development follows the EU Clean List, which bans 1400 toxic ingredients that are unsafe for people and/or the environment. Committed to society and environmental advocacy, this brand shows that times have changed and that innovative thinking is key to progress. If you want to learn more about its fascinating universe, click here.