Adolescence is tough. It’s a time of uncontrollable change and discovery. For those who remember how difficult it was to navigate the teenage years, Anna Izquierdo has the book for you. The Barcelona-based photographer and artist’s first photobook, I’m Okay, accurately portrays this weird and awkward phase of our lives.
The book is composed of two volumes. The first one explores how girls of various historical periods tried to better understand themselves and their appearance. Here, Izquierdo uses her own images from adolescence to demonstrate that she is like the others and that this experience is timeless. In four fictitious letters, she discusses themes of self-sexualisation and social media. In the second volume, she connects her old images to portraits of other adolescent women in today’s society, emphasising how the awkwardness of this phrase is experienced by everyone.

This book dives into the murky in-betweens of adolescence. It captures a time where one is neither happy nor sad, neither a child not an adult. Yet, as many teenagers do, this discomfort is masked with a simple phrase, one that the book owes its title to – “I’m okay.” And if you feel like seeing these images in person, you're in luck, as she's exhibiting them at the bookstore Terranova in Barcelona until June 12.
I'm Okay is being exhibited at Terranova bookstore in Barcelona, C/ Comte Borrell, 99, until June 12.
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