Two Ukrainian sisters decided to put their knowledge and passions together to create an eclectic fashion brand that combines different styles. Yuliya and Anna Grazhdan think the clothes you wear are the reflection of your personality. Fashion is born in the street and Drag & Drop wants to represent a new version of femininity of contemporary women.
Where are you from and what is your professional career path?
We are from Odessa at the Black Sea. Anna is a graduated artist and trained in sewing. I've graduated in finance and have been involved in fashion and lifestyle creative consulting since then.
You two are sisters and work together. How does this work? Which are the pros and cons?
The pros are communication without words, experience-approved complementary behaviours, same roots and different enriching visions. The cons are family affaires and complicated astrological signs.
Your brand name is Drag & Drop. Can you tell us who is behind that name?
This is a real family-run business. My sister Anna and I are working on it since the beginning of 2016. Also we have a strong network of talented and creative partners and friends.
How did you get the funds you needed to start the brand?
We started the brand with the help of a close friend of ours. From the very beginning she believed as much as we did in our project.
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How many people are working for the brand right now?
We are six people at the team right now.
Where does your garments’ production take place?
It's based in Kiev.
Which kinds of women wear your clothes?
We want to propose a contemporary terrain of self-expression through fashion to women. It's about reflecting freedom from a subjective creative point of view. The woman who wears Drag & Drop is definitely playful, assumes any act, and represents a new vision of femininity.
Why do you only produce for women?
We already started to think about a men's collection after having seen some of our fancy boyfriends wear python trench coats or lace sport suits.
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What kind of fabrics and patterns do you usually use?
We love lace, velour and jacquard but in a particular and twisted way, adding a sporty and more casual fit to them.
What are the concepts behind the collections about?
Initially intuition is behind our concepts. We take it from there and then we let things become more tangible according to our mood during the creative process. Spring/Summer 2018 is dedicated to astrological signs, life's labyrinths and destiny.
Do you have a physical store or sales are only online? Why?
At the moment our collection is available at the cool XX? store in Kiev and at our website But we are are going to be available in New York and London as well. Online shops are up and coming too; to be announced soon. 
How do you see your local artistic and fashion scene?
We consider it as being exposed to a very powerful momentum in terms of creativity and intuition. A channelling of wild, sophisticated, horizon-expanding vibration. Taking heritage, ethnical references and today's influences into a blender.
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What kind of stuff do you use as inspiration when you are designing?
It can be anything – one of our neighbours or a passenger in the metro, an image from the web, a curtain shop, a random Soviet movie, experiences from our childhood, and everyday life in Kiev or elsewhere on our travels.
Name a few designers whose work inspires you.
We love collections by Gaultier from the ‘90s.
Name a few emerging brands/designers that you recently discovered and liked.
Joanne Burke’s jewels are cool.
Is fashion something that happens in catwalks or in the streets?
The concept of fashion has gone through a huge switch with the digitalization of fashion imagery. Fashion has become an ubiquitous subject. Hashtag life!
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