Ana Roxanne’s music treads lightly, in whispers and ambient compositions, its music that tickles and evokes a melancholy that is altogether modern and ancient. Her music, a rumination on identity and being, has made her a singular producing talent, her life a series of movements and periods of exploration — she once traveled to Uttarakhand, India to learn hindustani singing from monks — that give her work a breadth of feeling. Soon she graces Soundset series this Friday March 17.
There is an essential power to early albums ~~~ and Because of a Flower, both of which catapulted her into indie fame. The tracks which settle on notes both ethereal and cultural, with incorporations of read text, are personal looks into Roxanne’s contemplations on gender and being, her identity as intersex leading to inner reflection coming through in her music.

It would be wrong however to place Roxanne in a haughty ivory tower, her music is accessible as well as deep. It's honest and gorgeous, with tracks such as I’m Every Sparkly Woman, and Camille, showcasing her ethereal singing. Offered up amongst tracks that are heavily ambient and incorporate field recordings, there’s a grounding in the human. She has a pop sensibility, a touch of a classic ballad from the likes of R&B legends Roxanne listened to in her youth as well as the traces of the choir singing that influenced her young life as well. In a time when life is expected to move at breakneck speed, Roxanne’s music serves as a poignant reminder that human existence is a dish often better served and savoured slowly.
Hi there, hope you are well. Thanks so much for chatting with us! To start, what are you up  to at the minute?
Listening to classical music on the radio and drinking chai.
As someone who cites early influences as broad as catholic choral music and R&B songstresses, what do you see as being the value in melding genres and influences?
I think it’s a nice way to share one’s own personal influences throughout their life, kind of like a homage to everything and everyone that’s inspired you.
You similarly piece together a litany of cultural references, from literature to TV in your  music. What sort of cultural touchstones are you ruminating on lately? And what power do  you see the media we consume holding in our lives?
Lately I have been reading books about death - but the TV I’ve been watching is too embarrassing to share.
You’ve spoken about the meditative power of slowness, are there other practices that you find inform your work and style, or are integrated into your life? Any resolutions for 2023?
Definitely solitude I am realising is something that is very important to my practice. Kind of  tuning everything else out and finding confidence in my own rhythm. My resolution is more  consistent contentment with self, less internet, relearn the piano, etc.
What growth and changes have you made personally or artistically since ~~~ and Because  of a Flower? Is there new music in the pipeline?
I honestly am still trying to figure out where I am artistically post Because of a Flower. It’s been hard to figure out where to go from there. That being said, there may be some new music on the horizon.
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Your musing about singing, as something that turns the body into an instrument, and exploration of that visceral connection, really spoke to me. How has music allowed you to further  explore the connection between mind-body? And in regards to gender and self-conception?
Honestly as simple as it sounds, I have been thinking about the basic health and care of the body as a sound basis for musical practice. I want to feel good and strong in my body and I think that will translate into the music.
Your songs have a haunting quality to them, what does your composition process look like?  What emotions do you attempt to instil in your work, is it therapeutic?
I definitely choose the  heavier areas of my life as a starting point for writing - whatever is at the forefront and needing my attention. If it makes me want to cry, it feels like I’m on the right track.
You have toured and traveled extensively, and have lived all around the United States. Do you place value in transition? Is there anywhere you are looking at moving to, or just visiting,  next?
This is a good question and something I make fun of myself for constantly. I have no  idea honestly. I hate telling people where I am based because I feel like it will change in a year. Maybe it’s escapism, maybe it’s adventure. I’m hoping I can plant roots somewhere  soon, but maybe that’s just not in the cards for a slightly wacky person like me.
You’ve mentioned a budding love for Olivia Rodrigo post pandemic. Could we ever hope for  an Ana Roxanne x Olivia Rodrigo collab?
That’s all I could ever hope for! I’m leaving it up to God.
What other artists are you a fan of, if you could have anyone for dinner who would it be? And what would you eat?
I would invite Alex G and maybe I’d make a soup.
What can we expect from Ana Roxanne in the new year?
Some surprises but also silence
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