In her debut exhibition Pray For Me, Almendra Bertoni presents a stunning display of pieces that explore architectural designs and religious imagery in vibrant and intriguing colours that pay homage to the Surrealist and Renaissance work that initially inspired her. Showcasing now at IRL Gallery in New York City until Sunday, July 23, this fresh and enticing collection is a must-see.
I Hope It Slices You in Half  2023 Acrylic on Canvas With Wood Cut Frame 39 X 43 in (99 X 109.2 Cm) .jpg
Pray For Me is curated in a pristine, white room. The Argentinian NYC-based artist displays an array of beautiful pieces that present a unique, vibrant style. “Her subjects always appear faceless, to avoid solidifying their identity and to allow a higher level of relatability to her audience, as her sex-positive figures inhabit dream-like atmospheres, full of Christian symbols (often through animals or natural elements), references to contemporary life, relationships, love and indulgence.” It invokes nostalgia in its callbacks to older painting styles, yet it brings something new to the scene – seductive vibes, faceless models, glossy tints, and 3-dimensional fixtures. Bertoni’s first-ever solo exhibition is definitely worth the visit.
Install 2  Courtesy Irl Gallery  © Oliver Fiegel.jpg
Install 5  Courtesy Irl Gallery  © Oliver Fiegel.jpg
Install 1  Courtesy Irl Gallery  © Oliver Fiegel.jpg