“It’s been a month and I can’t tell what’s on your mind / Keep saying that it’s too much to unpack / Don’t know if I can keep holding on,” sings Alice Pisano in her new single Not the Same. The Italian-born, London-based artist’s song is an infectious bop tackling something many of us have had to deal with: people who don’t have their minds made up about whether or not they like you and want to get involved in something more serious.
Produced by Lewis Gardiner (Ellie Goulding, Pharrell Williams), Not the Same explores the confusion you feel when you start to date someone who, at the same time, feels reluctant about it. Speaking of the inspiration behind it, Alice says: “I wrote this song while being in a relationship with a guy who was emotionally avoidant. I constantly felt confused about his feelings towards me, it was hard to figure him out because he was hot and cold and kept his guard up.” Sounds familiar, doesn’t it?
This catchy pop anthem comes with a music video directed by Kyle Leeman and set in a beautiful house with contrasting colours. Speaking about it, Alice explains: “We filmed the video in my kitchen and in the cutest little café in East London. I love how we managed to make it fun and cheeky but also perfectly encapsulate the meaning of the song: that when you’re dating someone who is hot and cold and gives you mixed signals, you’re not the issue… they are, and you shouldn’t question your own worth and try and change yourself because you deserve someone who loves you just the way you are.”