Polaroid portraits that were shown on a separate Instagram page already revealed the cast of the #WANGSQUAD class of F/W16, featuring an eclectic mix of celebrities representing the hip-hop and R&B scene. From then on, Alexander Wang kept on feeding us with sneak previews of his new campaign video. Now we can finally see the full clip where Director X filmed a bunch of young people enjoying life, supported with music created exclusively for the campaign by Skrillex.
Nowadays #squadgoals is shared online more than ever, everyone wants to belong to a group and in his new campaign video, Wang shows young, carefree and fearless people having fun and most importantly: being together. The clothes express the exact same emotion. The words strict, faded, tender and girls are seen on sweaters, beanies and thighs of tights and the marijuana leaf-print is surely a fearless decision to use in your collection.

Even though the list of celebrities featuring in the campaign make it seem like you can’t sit with them, it does give an exclusive glimpse of what it would be like belonging to the #WANGSQUAD.