Alesia Lani’s latest track, homebody, is a cosy invitation to embrace the warmth of a romantic evening indoors this February, bringing the atmosphere with her. Following the success of her recent album release Self Titled and the release of accompanying music video to hit track Lean Into You, the singer is maintaining this positive momentum with this new track from her upcoming EP, love like lo-fi.
With its soothing lo-fi production and serene melodies layered on top, homebody sets the stage for a beautifully romantic night in, all to an addictive melody sure to linger in your mind. Her lyrics too exude and embody this intimate picture of comfortable domestic moments, as she sings that “we ain’t gotta go nowhere, everything you need baby, it’s right here.” Once again, with her music, Alesia Lani creates a picture-perfect painting, ready for listeners to step into. As the rain carries on in the static, and the fire crackles in the bass, the artist’s vocals provide solace from the cold weather, shaking off the last of those in time for Valentine’s day with a perfect soundtrack for cuddling up at home.
Her distinctly hypnotic sound has already captured hearts, earning her spots at prestigious events like SXSW 2023 and accolades such as features on VH1’s Caught In The Act: Unfaithful. With an already impressive resume that includes sharing stages with icons like Lizzo, Megan Thee Stallion, and Guns n Roses, it is no surprise that Alesia Lani is on the rise. Anticipating both the release of upcoming EP love like lo-fi in early March, and a live studio recording with KUTX on February 22nd, this single is a beautiful tease for what has already started as a big year for Lani, perfect for wishing those harsh winter days away in time to hear what’s next in store.