Aibai is an up and coming artist from Minneapolis whose songs take you to a dream-like state. Originally focusing mainly on electronic music, she's now entering alternative, indie and R&B realms, and her latest singles with Colby Hansen titled Aura and All Night are proof of that.
Depicting a queer relationship, Aura focuses on the giddiness of seeing a cute girl in a large crowd at a concert and wanting to dance with her. It perfectly captures those feelings of nervousness and excitement, as Aibai herself states “I feel like with the pandemic, live music has really taken a toll and this song just makes me want to get out, play a show, dance, enjoy the company of friends and live to the fullest.” This is her way of bringing hope to the future of live performances as we are slowly but surely getting moving once again.

All Night, on the contrary, talks about the sacrifices you're willing to make in order to chase your dreams, which sometimes can mean losing a meaningful bond along the way. She explains: “I wanted to make a dark song that someone might dance to in a club or something. It has a strong beat and is very climatic so it is a good one to dance to. I had Colby add some live drums to this one which definitely added a nice touch to it!,” making this the darker counterpart to the first single.