Since he launched in 2020 with his powerful vocal talent and catchy alt-pop sound, ADMT has been winning hearts. Being a mental health advocate and speaking openly about his emotions in his songs, he’s now releasing his exciting new single, Without You. Always working on music displaying a tenacious and hard-working attitude, this is the first single to follow the release of his debut EP Lost, which arrived in August last year. And this is undoubtedly one of the most important songs for the artist to date.
Without You was the first track I wrote that came from a genuinely happy place, it was the first track where the inspiration hadn't come from something painful,” Adam Taylor comments on his latest release, which arrives as a tender ode to the power of human support. “It's about everyone I love: family, friends, fans, everyone, that's been there for me, enabled me to be okay, and ultimately still be here today. They've got me through the bad times and now I'm lucky enough to be in a position to reflect and I'm so grateful,” he adds when asked about the track written about coming back from the brink.

Having brought comfort to many, normalising the mental health conversation, particularly among men, and encouraging his listeners to open up emotionally and seek help to feel better, this is a very meaningful song. “I can't explain how much this song means to me, I wrote it with one of the people it's about and wouldn't be here without my bro Lamour, probably the first time I'd felt truly happy in a long time was writing this song. And I honestly can't believe the love you guys have shown!” the singer shared on his social media minutes after the single was released.