Saying that artists should keep up with their own pace in the music industry is easy, but doing it is far from that. From the internal gears of the industry to the audience demanding releases every week, many factors make it difficult to achieve this goal. But Abi Ocia is a good example that setting her own pace and defending her personality is possible. The West London artist is back with her new release, LTWYLM, along with a music video. A single that marks her first release since the acclaimed 2019 EP Where Are You?.
“The song is a playful confusion between the fantasy of falling in love, and the mournful realities those feelings can come with. It struggles to find a balance between these two emotions, while also indulging them,” explains the singer, who throw questions related to this duality that is difficult to manage through music. And she concludes with one last open question. “How long can you love something that you know may not be for you?” With a global pandemic in between and 2 years after unveiling her previous work, Abi Ocia returns with more force than ever to the music scene from which she never got separated.

Directed by Helena Coan, who directed the film Audrey: More Than An Icon, the music video immerses us in an eighties atmosphere synthesised in a unique mood. We see Ocia dancing freely on the dance floor, feeling herself. The artist follows her path after her partnership with the recently launched label Vero Music. An alliance that has allowed her not to submit to the dictatorship that is sometimes imposed by the music industry, which marks strict rules and specific rhythms to creatives. What will be the next episode of her career? Only time will tell.