“Dat's my bitch,” might not exactly be the most loving sentence that you could say to the mother of your future child and yet this song and music video professes the unique and special kind of love that binds A$AP Rocky with Rihanna. DMB shows is an insightful look at what their relationship is like – as the video has been directed by the rapper himself –, and the visuals perfectly encapsulate what that whirlwind romance might look like for the two of them and for us, the viewers.
This video has been a few months in the making, as we can see that Rihanna isn't visibly pregnant in most of it – also, we finally know what those paparazzi shots of Rihanna and A$AP wearing those pastel-toned, tie-dyed, fuzzy bucket hats from what seems ages ago have been put to use for. And the result has been worth waiting for. It's a melange of different juxtaposed visuals that do not follow a linear but rather a circular timeline of fictionalised comical and heartfelt moments featuring the two of them.

One of the most touching scenes – and epic visuals – from DMB shows us Rihanna wearing a red lip and a matching red veil that is lifted by A$AP which is then revealed, through camera close-ups of their bashful smiles, their grills that read “Marry me” on him and “I do” on her, followed by a low-key impromptu New York City block-building wedding. Who would have said that donning grills could ever be this romantic?

An unusually humbling scenario to what we would expect from this power couple – let's face it, Rihanna is actually a billionaire. This is an unexpected video chock-full of fast-paced visuals that might seem to have been picked at random but together they design a one-of-a-kind, special love letter to their relationship, epitomised in the final scene in the shape of a circle, symbolising their inexhaustible and endless bond, especially now that they're expecting their first child.