93FEETOFSMOKE isn't too interested in perfection. His musical style opts instead for the fusion of genres, improvisation and honesty, because what is the point of looking for a single devoid of all emotion and sincerity? The Virginia-born, Oregon-based singer, songwriter, producer and guitarist is now releasing his new single and music video, Fucked Over. A piece whose visuals highlight the frustration and angst of getting blindsided by someone's intentions while reenacting the storyline in a ‘90s style music video complete with colourful DIY animation.
“My music is the intersection of skateboarding, fashion, the Crunk-era, and pop-punk. It’s all uncut and unfiltered,” says the artist, who now joins forces with phem and Tosh the Drummer on his new release. “It’s important for me to allow things to be the way they are. It’s real,” he adds. A vision that has a lot to do with spontaneity, synergies with other creatives and the search for his own identity that speaks for himself through music without the need for speeches: “I hope the sound is always unexpected and fresh.”

It's no coincidence that 93FEETOFSMOKE has over one hundred million streams and has collaborated with Matt Malpass (Machine Gun Kelly), while phem has toured with artists like Lil Xan, Waterparks and more. Many listeners have been able to see in the young artist, who shocks his vision to life like never before on his 2022 full-length debut album, GOODGRIEF, a vindication of his own personality far from trends through music. And it is evident that the artist loves his work and dedicates all his energy to his passion while he lets himself flow and shares his thoughts with his audience.
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