We could play with the history of literature and say that once upon a time there was a book called 500 Years of Solitude. We could transform our calendars and suddenly live throughout 500 days of winter and spring to complete a year. We can play with words, we can play with time, we can actually transform and reinvent everything. But, the time should come when we stop playing with something that valued as our planet. Because we do not have 500 Earths, I am sad to say. There is only one, as we only have one Katrina Ryback. Our sustainable heroine has developed an app that will bring us 500 reasons to love her. We welcome 500kg CO2.
The whole Berlin Fashion week of this 2023 was shocked, speechless and undoubtedly enchanted by this lovely entrepreneur. Katrina Ryback is not only the successful owner of Studio 183 but since now and for the days to come she is a committed and stylish climate advocate. She has developed an app, with the poetic and suggestive name of 500kg CO2, that aims to give us, finally, the chance to play with all these clothes that stack in the remote and darkest parts of our unconscious wardrobes. Because, honestly, it is true. It is a fact that we were exquisitely manipulated through all the '90s and '2000s to think that buying was the new black. They told us that whenever we felt sad, we just had to buy. They wrote with fire in our souls that frustration had an easy antidote. Fear was fuelled to become the latest and most powerful marketing tool.

But thanks to Katrina, we finally have new mantras to believe. And not only that, also a beautiful app to play with. In her own words, 500kg CO2 has come as a new format to showcase how technology can be used as a catalyst for empowering the consumer to change practices within the fashion industry. An indeed it does. Here comes the moment when we explain the magic behind this revolutionary idea.

You are melancholically diving through all your dusty clothes within your closet without finding anything to wear. Funny enough, your closet is bigger than Noah’s Ark. But hell yeah, it’s rainy outside and you just have nothing new to be thrilled with. We all have been there. That should be the moment when you download 500kg CO2, you take a picture of your old and hated garments and scan your body. You pick up a style and these pieces are magically transformed to new and fresh patterns. Suddenly, someone rings your bell (yet not Anita Ward, but who knows). It is the delivery boy. He’ll take your clothes to a local designer who will make that dream pattern you just received by using 500kg CO2. Because of Ryback, upcycling indeed is today’s new black.

And it’s not only about its function, it’s also about the name. Names are everything, naming is the first step for success, and here Ryback nails it again. 500kg CO2 refers to a study carried out by the Universidad Politécnica of Catalunya that states that reusing 1kg of textiles saves 25kg of CO2. Now it’s our must to make numbers. And the icing on the cake, the supreme gift on top, is that this environmental and chic tool comes with the total support from The Berlin Senate Department for Economic, Energy and Public Enterprises. Because great ideas always find their way through, and as Ryback says, it was an enormous challenge but a huge joy to bring together such an excellent and talented mix of creatives and techies to make the project come true.

And to conclude this sustainable fest, an event that no one wanted to miss. 500kg CO2 was launched with huge acclaim during the Berlin Fashion Week 2023. Ryback managed to gather everyone together to celebrate her thoughtful new venture, and with this article we just echo it with pride. I asked her what her most desired vision was for 500kg CO2 in the upcoming days, and she replied that the journey will be complete when every user enjoys the idea that consuming is no longer a banal act, but a way to step into a brighter future. Upcycling is definitely here to shine.
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