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Rougemargaux carlijnjacobs
PhotographyJuly 26, 2017
No perfect picture

Defying the established looks and style of the fashion world, this photographer is making a name of her own through her instantly recognizable personality.

Lihui metalmagazine 8
PhotographyJuly 24, 2017
Sensitive light

This self-taught photographer documents her own feelings through the sensitivity and the intimacy of her lens often showcasing an amazing light command.

Ning kai sabrina scarpa metalmagazine
PhotographyJuly 21, 2017
Pictures from an endless journey

Photography and travelling are inseparable for the Chinese-Dutch duo, whose growing and living body of work embodies their endless journey together.

Pierre angecarlotti metalmagazine 3
PhotographyJuly 20, 2017
A photo book on being single

The photographer who gives us an insider’s look to the Parisian underground scene now takes us through a journey of passion, loneliness and all in-between.

Larkfoord tjtambellini samepage metalmagazine 1
Literature - PhotographyJuly 19, 2017
Double photographic trouble

The two LA based photographers Lark Foord and TJ Tambellini have collaborated on this artist book displaying their shared visual and design language.

Steveleonbrown metalmagazine
PhotographyJuly 12, 2017
The nomadic photographer

Iceland, Morocco, the South of France; visual artist Steve L. Brown changes continuously the scene where he is in order to find new adventures to document.

Dannylowe metalmagazine
PhotographyJuly 10, 2017
Fashion in the Holy Land

After the series ‘Sex, religion and BDSM in the Holy Land’, photographer Danny Lowe and menswear designer Eliran Nargassi join forces once again.

Pedrobucher 3
PhotographyJuly 06, 2017
Accepting challenges

With a dreamy, warm aesthetic, the Brazilian photographer is on his way to fulfil his dream: working in the fashion industry in the city that never sleeps.

Agnieszkachabros metalmagazine
PhotographyJune 30, 2017
Following an unexpected path

She admits that photography keeps her sane, but we’re crazy about her work. The Poland-born artist tells us more about her style and her love for greyhounds.

Judy robert lang 9
Literature - PhotographyJune 26, 2017
Portraying a sex-doll’s desires

“My name is Judy and to the world, I am known as the blow-up sex-doll.” The self-taught photographer takes us through an odd journey of self-discovery.

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