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Irina yulieva 2
PhotographyMarch 23, 2017
Come as you are

For the sake of ingenuity and truth, this exhibition in NYC lets us behold reality in all of its facets to shock our systems and understand life.

Alice schillaci metal 013
PhotographyMarch 21, 2017
The importance of light

With a particular use of lightning, Italian photographer Alice Schillaci stands out for her simple but expressive digital photographs. We talk to her.

Stefanie moshammer metalmagazine 5
PhotographyMarch 17, 2017
Land of black milk

Vienna based photographer talks about life in favelas, her use of contrasted pastel inspired imagery and the infamous ‘drug cartel led’ city, Rio.

Metal tompkins 06
PhotographyMarch 15, 2017
The American and the outsider

Caroline is not worried whether her work is distinguished or significant. She has a sense of humor and just wants to be in the conversation.

Davidmeskhi metalmagazine 9
PhotographyMarch 13, 2017
A man with a camera

This photographer uses his work as a means of documenting his life and what surrounds him. Youth, freedom and confrontation are his main subjects.

Fashion - PhotographyMarch 09, 2017
Reflections of a human being

This photographer lives between two different worlds, and he tries to reflect this displacement in his work, aiming to capture the essence of youth.

Arielle bobb willis metalmagazine
PhotographyMarch 08, 2017
The human body as a colour block

By playing with the most unknown angles of human body, New York based photographer Arielle Bobb-Willis keeps us trapped in her youthful and fresh universe.

She 1
PhotographyMarch 02, 2017
The world through a lens

Callum Toy spends 95% of his time thinking about and planning shots. Keep an eye on him, we will see his name around in the future.

PhotographyFebruary 28, 2017
When feet meet beauty

This Instagram account provides an inspiring platform and invites you to take notice of the beautiful grounds that our feet touch on a daily basis.

Hassankurbanbaev metalmagazine 3
PhotographyFebruary 23, 2017
Tashkent’s depressing beauty

How to revive a faceless city? This photographer captures his hometown, Tashkent (Uzbekistan), from different angles and with a very personal approach.

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