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Film - MusicDecember 15, 2017
Birthdays, nostalgia and sisterhood

Asy and Chloe Saavedra have invited their youngest sister, Maia, to the party. And together they have made this song and music video as a celebration.

Tomasbarfod metalmagazine
MusicDecember 13, 2017
An unstoppable musical dove

After releasing “Paloma” this past month, we talk to the Los Angeles-based DJ, producer and drummer about his latest work and the importance of music.

Elbuho metalmagazine 1
MusicNovember 09, 2017
Cumbia, Andean sounds and beats

Meet the British DJ and producer whose love for Latin American richness in music and cultures has made him a referent in this new ‘folktronica’ movement.

Davidtoop metalmagazine 1
MusicNovember 06, 2017
Fluidity of practice

He is one of the greatest geniuses of our time. Specialized in music and sound, he works and investigates many diverse fields related to each another.

Hyperalliance metalmagazine
Art - MusicOctober 30, 2017
Raving in the matrix

Have you ever experienced clubbing from your home? Discover HyperAlliance, the only 360° VR space where dance music and 3-D design are on the same track.

Alexaugier metalmagazine 5
Design - MusicOctober 24, 2017
Music, visuals and space

He is, first of all, a musician. But he’s added visuals, architectural and spatial design aspects to his work, making it unique, technological and multimedia.

Keepdancinginc metalmagazine 1
Film - MusicOctober 10, 2017
Rhum & Ginger Magic

Keep Dancing Inc., aka the founders of the ‘Could Zouk’ movement, are back with Initial Public Offering, their latest EP, released last Friday October 6.

Gogolupin metalmagazine 5
Fashion - MusicSeptember 28, 2017
Pink is for everyone

Meet Robert and his alter ego Gogo Lupin, a multidisciplinary influencer that will make boys, girls, and even aliens alike fall in love with pink.

Northwest metalmagazine 2
MusicSeptember 27, 2017
Reaching for the sublime

We step inside the beautiful and delicate universe of one of the most enigmatic experimental duos of the moment, who make music with cold but grand hearts.

Juliebyrne metalmagazine 2
MusicAugust 31, 2017
The truth of who you are

Her songwriting finds inspiration through all those American landscapes her eyes saw, as Julie defines herself, “in her pursue of self-discovery.”

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