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Wailintse metalmagazine37 7
Fashion - EditorialJune 21, 2017
Wai Lin TseEmelie Johansson

Santiago perez metalmagazine 04
Fashion - EditorialJune 19, 2017
Santiago PerezVenessa Arnold

Etniabarcelona anaartist
FashionJune 19, 2017
An eyewear manifesto

Etnia Barcelona has released its Anartist manifesto, creating colourful glasses with its irreverent touch. But what does it exactly mean to be Anartist?

Danielstjerne metalmagazine 8
Fashion - EditorialJune 16, 2017
Daniel StjerneLotte Sindahl

Mashareva metalmagazine
Fashion - ArtJune 15, 2017
Fashion as a canvas

The Ukrainian designer Masha Reva uses fashion as a canvas. She draws dresses and jeans on people. This new way of designing caught our interest.

Alessandroraimondo metalmagazine37 5
Fashion - EditorialJune 14, 2017
Alessandro RaimondoOlivier Boivin-Carrier

Gmillet metal 03 001
Fashion - EditorialJune 13, 2017
Guillaume MilletMégal Grouchka

Nuriarius metalmagazine 19
Fashion - EditorialJune 09, 2017
Nuria RiusCarolina Zucchelli

Guntas metalmagazine
FashionJune 09, 2017
The abstract side of fashion

Perforation, lacing, and a hypnotizing work on leather; the label’s latest collection presented twisted Buddhist inspirations and political violence.

Manolocampion  metalmagazine 1
Fashion - EditorialJune 07, 2017
Manolo CampionDoria Santlofer

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