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Sylvainhomo metalmagazine 2
Fashion - EditorialJuly 21, 2017
Sylvain HomoAtip W

Saramoran metalmagazine 2
Fashion - EditorialJuly 19, 2017
Sara MoránJulia Popova

Keikokoakutsu  metalmagazine 11
FashionJuly 18, 2017
Japanese vintage thrill

Keiko Koakutsu mixes streetstyle with vintage items and creative tailoring. Get to know this little design gem hidden in the hearth of New York City.

Indianaromavoss metalmagazine
FashionJuly 17, 2017
Giving fantasy and creative shape

With her strong vision and creative sense of style Indiana Roma Voss is using styling as a medium to give her fantasy and creativity shape.

Michiyo yanagihara metalmagazine 4
Fashion - EditorialJuly 17, 2017
Michiyo YanagiharaFaye Heran

Barragan metalmagazine
FashionJuly 14, 2017
Blurry line between fashion and art

The Mexican designer Victor Barragán moved to New York to start Barragán, an experimental brand that offers an alternative to conventional fashion lines.

Nhuxuanhua metalmagazine37 5
Fashion - EditorialJuly 14, 2017
Nhu Xuan HuaRudy S. Betty

Damienfry metalmagazine 3
Fashion - EditorialJuly 13, 2017
Damien FryMegan Gray

308 katzrantzou
FashionJuly 12, 2017
Decoding London’s fashion scene

We talk to journalist Tania Fares, who co-edited a comprehensive book that gives us insights of fifty of the most iconic fashion houses established in London.

Juliastoltz vincentgirardot metalmagazine 5
Fashion - EditorialJuly 10, 2017
Julia et VincentSamia Giobellina

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