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Debbywoo metalmagazine 4
ArtApril 12, 2017
Asian girls insecure

Debby Woo explores the concept of stability, trust and insecurities within modern day relationships through detailed media inspired illustrations.

Arabellahope  metalmagazine 1
ArtApril 06, 2017
Embracing limbo

Arabella Hope pushes the age-old medium into new realms by unleashing it from its frame and dissecting and slashing her work to create sculptures.

Kristinteixeira metalmagazine 8
ArtMarch 31, 2017
Colourful painted memories

She is an oil painter documenting memories by translating the essence of moments through color. Her pieces are intimate and familiar yet transcendent.

Karolina maszkiewicz metalmagaine
ArtMarch 21, 2017
On gardening and the art of sculpture

Beauty is ephemeral and a chance of nature. That’s what the sculptures of Maszkiewicz are about – made out of plants and natural materials.

Self portrait with coffee
ArtMarch 20, 2017
Pure reality

Warm colors flood over the art of Anna Roberts. This british artist shows us her capacity to recreate the real world into her paintings.

Calithornhilldewitt metalmagazine 1
ArtMarch 16, 2017
29 flags

L.A based multi disciplinary artist Cali Thornhill DeWitt exhibits 29 American vintage flags – quoting the most sensational moments in American History.

Julievanwezemael metalmagazine 3
ArtMarch 13, 2017
Far from reality

Reality? No, thanks. This could be the motto of this Belgian artist, who finds in the fantastical a world of inspiration for her illustrations.

Kathleen reilly metalmagazine 8
Art - DesignMarch 09, 2017
Waiting for a table

Here’s the work of Kathleen Reilly, a jewellery artist who finds that everyday objects deserve better. She transforms tableware into pieces of art.

Caralouisemills metalmagazine 1
ArtMarch 07, 2017
Removing human agency

Two machines perform in synergy, engaging with each other and the audience in questioning what it essentially means to be an artist and make art.

Kaylaplosz metalmagazine 5
ArtMarch 03, 2017
Painting bright patterns

These colourful images manipulate the texture of paint and are the result of an artist that plays whilst working, in both a literal and figurative sense.

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