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Nicholas hlobo ndizetail 460 x 840 x 307 cm 2010  nicholas hlobo  courtesy stevenson cape town  and johannesburg 12915
ArtJuly 24, 2017
Disclosing the continent’s creativity

The newest exhibition at Fondation Louis Vuitton gives voice to the most relevant contemporary African artists in an attempt to pluralise its approach.

Zebu 33
ArtJuly 19, 2017
Focusing on the essence

Zebu is an artistic duo from Berlin that, through its particular style, deconstructs reality to transform it into a much funnier and more colourful world.

Cornella installation metalmagazine 1
ArtJuly 14, 2017
The art of no-shame

Bringing his unsettling, polemic humour to New York, the Spanish artist keeps expanding his successful career in his first ever exhibition in the city.

08 ewa doroszenko
ArtJuly 11, 2017
Crossroads between digital and traditional art

Ewa Doroszenko is a visual artist who seeks to create visual situations through physical objects and digital pieces and questions the future of technology.

Jardinsefemeros fcarqueja  mg 2112
Events - ArtJuly 06, 2017
The paradox of our times

Tomorrow starts a multidisciplinary festival in Viseu, Portugal, that will gather creators, researchers, universities and organizations during ten days.

Claudiacasarino metalmagazine
ArtJuly 04, 2017
On being under pressure

This Paraguayan artist recounts and denounces how world history’s most important issues are still ongoing stories that must be solved as soon as possible.

Thefutureisfemale metalmagazine 2
ArtJune 26, 2017
Replacing billboards for art

After yesterday’s pride celebrations, NYC is today hosting another protest. This time, though, as a feminist art exhibition displayed on advertising spaces.

Bjork photocred santiago felipe
Events - ArtJune 23, 2017
Speculative features

You were absorbed by the amazing sets and didn’t arrive in time to any Sónar+D activity? Do not panic, we’ve the highlights of the most inspirational proposals.

Sappho and erinna in a garden at mytilene
ArtJune 23, 2017
Exhibiting queer art

The first queer-focused exhibition at Tate Britain is now taking place. With the arrival of pride month, we talked to its curator to know how she’s done it.

The14thfactory metalmagazine 2
Hotspots - ArtJune 22, 2017
Showcasing global art in Los Angeles

Born from a global collective of artists, 14th Gallery is a space for social engaged works. Unfortunately, it will close its doors at the end of this month.

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