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Ginawynbrandt metalmagazine 1
ArtMay 26, 2017
Drawing the irreverence

She’s obsessed with sex, shows herself as she is and doesn’t mince her words. Gina Wynbrandt comes to make you angry with her graphic debut. Give her a try.

Events - ArtMay 24, 2017
Learning from Athens

At the forefront of contemporary art and theory, it is one of the most important exhibitions in the world.

Fredericforest womanwaiting
Art - DesignMay 23, 2017
Thin lines come together

Beautiful minimalistic illustrations, that is what you get when Frédéric’s pencil touches the paper. Enter the world of this talented French artist.

Daito manabe lasereyes sonar2014
Art - MusicMay 23, 2017
Our unmissable 10

In addition to music, the festival has a unique area dedicated to technology and its research and applications dedicated to art, culture and business.

Levansongulashvili metalmagazine
ArtMay 22, 2017
Inside the skin I live in

As a visual artist and painter, Songulashvili has lots of intuition. He can paint a piece in two days, but it will have lived in his head for months.

Jule waibe metalmagazine 15
Art - DesignMay 19, 2017
A crush on fold

Folding, refolding, unfolding. The creator of the unfolded universe flies between fashion and design, dresses and origami, while making delightful pieces.

Tatoakhalkatsishvili metalmagazine 1
ArtMay 16, 2017
Human after all

Childhood memories, post-soviet traumas, perks of human existence and the beauty of landscapes are the main topics of this painter. We talk with him.

ArtMay 15, 2017
Freedom of expression

We delved into Brussels’ artistic side from a female perspective during the fifth edition of this eclectic event that has a focus on the LGBT world.

Tris vonna michell film still from register
ArtMay 10, 2017
Lisbon’s art scene grows

Francisco Fino celebrates contemporary art’s new cycle by opening its first physical gallery with the collective show Morphogenesis during Lisbon Art Week.

Gill button
Fashion - ArtMay 09, 2017
Clément Louis, Gill Button, Yuliya YG

We’ve asked three fashion illustrators the same exact questions to highlight the similarities and differences between them. Would you like to know them?

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