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Fayemoorhouse metalmagazine
ArtSeptember 19, 2017
A naughty child is drawing

This British illustrator paints a world populated by violent beasts, aliens, weird dogs and naked humans. You’ll love her naïve and amusing illustrations.

Johnpaulfauves metalmagazine 4
ArtSeptember 18, 2017
Searching for the soul

The latest show of the Costan Rican artist has been travelling from New York to Antwerp to Paris while displaying ‘neo pop expressionist’ paintings.

Jarekpuczel metalmagazine 3
ArtSeptember 15, 2017
Covered lovers

Indulge yourself in the calming works of this Polish artist, depicting confidential moments protected behind the anonymity of his paint and brush.

Dominickesterton metalmagazine 6
Art - DesignSeptember 12, 2017
Self-discovery through graphic design

Bright colours, solid shapes and humour are the ingredients of the visual recipe of Kesterton’s illustrations. We delve into his multi-coloured graphic world.

Marialoboda metalmagazine 4
ArtSeptember 11, 2017
Art is within yourself

Full of references raging from demonology to Iggy Pop, this German-based artist has experienced one of her best years professionally. We discovered why.

Lumiere iii preview photo by robert henke circles
Art - DesignSeptember 07, 2017
The algorithm of art

This engineer looks for simplicity and elegance, and he finds them by building machines that chase technology’s inherent beauty and art’s inner logic.

Anderskrisar metalmagazine
ArtSeptember 06, 2017
Unveiling the uncanny

Formally perfect, the sculptures of this Swedish artist don’t leave anyone indifferent. Thought-provoking and mysterious, discover more about his work.

Johannagoodman metalmagazine
ArtSeptember 04, 2017
Expect the unexpected

From pillows to art prints, Johanna Goodman creates a new wave of collages from natural elements to females in history that speak loudly for themselves.

Liamjohnlittle metalmagazine
ArtAugust 30, 2017
Disconnected reality

Although easily recognizable for his ‘pretty face’ as a model, this painter has been creating in many forms – also music – since his early childhood.

Nanukatchitchoua metalmagazine 2
ArtAugust 28, 2017
Starlit skies

Cosmology, civil war, self-discovery and a romantic poem dedicated to a queen are some of the topics we talked about with this Georgian-born artist.

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