At Paris Fashion Week, the opportunity to discover the talent and proposals of brands outside the usual ones is endless, and concepts such as Warburton's, in which innovation and exploration of techniques merge with an aesthetic close to streetwear, are always refreshing to appreciate. The brand presents its new collection, a tribute to its identity and a glimpse into the future.
Since the creation of the brand in 2019, David and Daniel Megías Warburton have been aware of the importance of generating key and insignia elements in each season that have enough forcefulness to remain in the mind of the consumer, generating an inherent identity for the brand. This Fall/Winter 2023 collection, presented in 18 Rue Chapon 75003, the heart of the French capital, is the reunion of all these references: pieces reinterpreted, reconstructed, or modified but which, despite the changes, retain the philosophy of functionality and technicality of Warburton.

The mix of inspirations is a recurring theme in the collection, where asymmetrical cuts and more circular and fluid lines in jackets and quilted waistcoats allude to the organic movements of nature, while elements of a more architectural influence are incorporated into the play of super-portions of both garments and materials, which create attractive visual effects. Colour is also vital in the development of the collection, as the predominantly dark tones are interrupted by their brighter and lighter counterparts, such as reds, greens, and blues. Pieces such as the iridescent puffer jacket stand out within the collection not only for the fluid pattern following the aforementioned style but also for the interesting effect of the fabric influenced by light.

The brand's new logo, altered from previous versions, represents the modern twist on classic Warburton garments; innovation is also present in the accessories and complements, highlighting the debut of the first sneakers design, built with breathable and waterproof materials to ensure the piece's durability and quality. Balaclavas, bucket hats, and chains complement the looks and are the finishing touch to represent the Warburton identity.
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