The type of gigs people talk about are the one-offs, the ones that money couldn’t buy and the ones where“I was so close to him I could feel his breath”. Abiding by their rules you shall not bring a smartphone, there will be no chitter chatter. Sofar Sounds is a space to showcase emerging artists and it’s right in your own home. This talent incubating concept, builds reputations, gives the audiences VIP seats and organically grows live music through unique and intimate performances.
So, how does it all work?
We reveal the next month’s secret gigs in a newsletter. People click on the city of their choice. If there is room for them to come, they are confirmed and get the secret address the night before. The event is in someone’s home – so they are requested not to share the email . They do not know who will be there nor who will play.
Do the artists enjoy the homely setting?
They love it – it challenges them as it’s so intimate there is nowhere to hide. And the audience respects the music totally – and unlike most other gigs - it’s quiet.
What kind of bands have you worked with?
Every genre imaginable – folk, indie, beatbox, spoken word , classical – even heavy metal.
How do you pair the talent with a home?
We just find three acts that we like and encourage them to strip back their set and make it work in a living room. We try to find a range of acts – different genres across one night – to expose people to something they might not seek out normally.
It looks like you guys are rather international now - which country makes the best audiences?
Difficult question – I think it’s actually very similar – when you squeeze 40-70 music lovers into a living room – any living room across the world, it makes for a sensational atmosphere to savor music.
Where's the green room then? The kitchen?
Haha – it's usually a bedroom.
You've got rules such as “don't be late”, “no talking” and “absolutely no smartphones” – if you had to add one more rule to your gigs what would it be?
Spread the word about the music you discover and love that night.
Any last words?
We hope that one day any gig around the world has an audience of people who respect the music – at a Sofar or anywhere.